Pakistani Athlete Wins Four Medals at Commonwealth Powerlifting Championships

Pakistani powerlifter, Mustafa Faran Baig, brought home four silver medals in the ongoing Commonwealth Powerlifting Championships in Auckland, New Zealand, becoming the first from the country to win the accolade.

Mustafa Faran Baig is the only participant from Pakistan to appear in the Commonwealth Powerlifting Championship. The young athlete competed with the top athletes from about 43 countries to achieve distinction at the junior stage.

Being the only athlete, Mustafa Faran Baig represented Pakistan in all four competitions of the 110 kg category at the junior level, and in a stunning display of power, the young powerlifter bagged four silver medals. According to the details shared by Pakistan Powerlifting Federation, Mustafa lifted 250 kg in squats, 135 kg in bench-press, and 225 kg in the deadlift category.

Moreover, the Pakistani powerlifter tallied a total of 640 kg in the championship which earned him his fourth silver medal.

The young athlete has also won gold and silver medals at the Asia Powerlifting Championships.

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Ayna Dua