Shaheen Shah Finally Opens Up About Heartbreaking Injury in T20 World Cup Final

Star pacer, Shaheen Shah, has recalled the agonizing moment when he was injured during the T20 World Cup 2022 final against England at the Melbourne Cricket Ground.

Speaking at an event organized by the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), the left-arm pacer said that it was difficult for him even to walk when he fell awkwardly while fielding and initially felt he had damaged his knee.

The 22-year-old pacer continued by claiming that Mohammad Haris was accompanying him as he left the field and kept urging him to return. “I said, ‘I will come, have some patience!’” Shaheen added.

Shaheen added that the swelling on his knee was getting worse and that the physio had also advised him not to play, but that he couldn’t miss his final two overs at such a crucial stage because it was the World Cup final.

“But when I ran, the captain asked me to leave because my knee wasn’t just supporting me that time. But I always try to give my all for Pakistan,” Shaheen concluded.

It is important to note that Shaheen originally sustained a knee injury during the first Test match between Sri Lanka at Galle earlier this year and missed the crucial T20I season, including the Asia Cup 2022.