Pakistan’s First-Ever Cycling League Launched in Lahore

The opening ceremony of the Pakistan Cycling League (PCL) 2023 Lahore Chapter was held on 1 February 2023, in the presence of all the major cycling clubs of Lahore.


PCL is first of its kind league for cycling, which is going to empower the club culture in Pakistan’s cycling community and promote the sport. A four-person team-based cycling event will be the first of its nature and a points-based scoring system will give each and every club team a full chance to perform to the fullest with equal chances of winning.

PCL is also taking gender diversity and inclusion into account for the first time in the history of community cycling events and is giving extra points to the team if they have gender diversity in their teams.

Overall, PCL, the first cycling league of Pakistan, will cater to club-level cyclists who have been riding on two wheels in the city.

PCL 2023 has been sponsored by Renergent Energy Pvt Ltd, which focuses on providing the world with green and clean energy.

The PCL 2023 trophy was revealed in front of all the major cycling clubs of Lahore who came forward with great passion and energy to promote this unique event with a common cause to help our country breathe better, cleaner, and healthier.

The initiative on the back of an ever-increasing cycling community in the country will help in motivating new and upcoming talent and inspire newcomers to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

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