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Video of Armed Robbers Looting Whole Group of Bikers Exposes Poor Security

A video of a bike group getting mugged in daylight by a gang of unidentified perpetrators has gone viral on social media, sparking outrage among the netizens.

The whole incident was recorded by Hamza Hashmi on his helmet-mounted camera. The footage shows an unregistered Honda CG 125 carrying three unidentified men cutting off the group at high speed.

A few kilometers ahead, that same motorcycle was seen parked by the wayside. As the bikers drew closer, the two armed pillion riders disembarked from the unregistered bike and blocked the road. One of the robbers had a pistol while the other had an AK47 assault rifle.

One of the robbers walked up to Hamza with a gun and took his valuables, while the other ran back to the rest of the crew. One of the biker crew members managed to escape the burglary unscathed.

Later, Hamza posted a social media video where he explained the incident. Hamza stated that the incident took place at quarter-past 7 AM while he was en route from Karachi to Talanga Dam, Kirthar with his companions. He specified that the incident occurred a few kilometers short of Hub Dam.

Hamza continued that his group wasn’t the first to experience such a horrible incident. He stated:

We met many people near Humdard University who were recently robbed on the way to Dhureji. They told us about the their description.

While Hamza insisted that this video not be used to instill fear among people and disparage the country, the netizens called out the authorities for not providing proper security in the region.

Hamza concluded his message by stressing that people should see this video in a positive light and learn something from it rather than using it for negative publicity. He explained:

The reason of sharing this video is to raise awareness and remind you all to recite prayers, give Sadaqaat before you leave, and remember that nothing is more valuable than your life. Stay calm in such scenarios and don’t take stupid steps that might lead to harm to you or your companions.

Video Courtesy: H Venture