UAE Travelers Required to Declare Assets Over AED 60,000

Passengers traveling to/from UAE must declare their currency, assets, or precious metals/rocks to customs officials if they exceed AED 60,000 ($16,334).

The Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship, Customs, and Ports Security (ICP) has asserted that it’s important that passengers comply with customs laws to ensure a safe journey.

It clarified that there isn’t any limit to carrying cash via UAE but anything worth over AED 60,000 must be declared through Afsah or other disclosure systems.

UAE’s disclosure systems allow each person over 18 years old to carry an amount of up to AED 60,000 without disclosing it to authorities. However, cash or other valuables of travelers under the age of 18 must be added to the quota of their parents or adult family members.

The ICP has also launched an online portal to declare assets on Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) website or ICP’s app, allowing passengers to have a stress-free journey.

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