Pakistan Army Decides to Generate Its Own Electricity Through Solar Power

The Pakistan Army has reportedly made the decision to shift its Cantonments from an expensive energy system to cheaper solar power, media reports quoting sources from the Alternative Energy Development Board (AEDB) have claimed.

The move is an effort to help alleviate the energy crisis facing the country, with the Army planning to generate energy from solar power for self-consumption in its cantonments nationwide.

Colonel Mansoor Mustafa, Director General Works and Chief Engineer (Army), has apprised the CEO of AEDB, along with several other high-ranking officials, that the Army intends to play its role in the eradication of the current energy crisis through the generation of energy from solar power.

The projects have already been approved by the Government of Pakistan, with the support of AEDB, National Electric Power Regulatory (NEPRA), and the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP).

The Pakistan Army awarded the projects to successful vendors through competitive bidding, including M/s Nizam Energy, M/s Solis Energy Solutions, and M/s Foundation Solar Energy.

Currently, Military Engineering Services (MES) is executing projects of a cumulative 54MW at various cantonments across Pakistan, with some projects exceeding 70% progress on the ground.

However, vendors are facing issues with the import of offshore components, which have delayed several projects for the past six months.

As a result, the General Headquarters (GHQ) has requested AEDB and other authorities involved in the Prime Minister’s Initiative on “Clean and Green Energy” to align its vendors with the same facility provided to Build-Own-Operate-Transfer (BOOT) providers under the scheme.

This will allow them to complete Army’s pending projects and make use of cleaner and cheaper electricity from solar energy.

The government aims to establish solar power plants of 10,000 MW at different locations in the country to minimize the cost of electricity generation, which is currently unaffordable for industrial, commercial, and domestic consumers.

The government has already decided to shift federal government buildings from the energy system to solar power.

NEPRA, the country’s power sector regulator, has suggested that the power companies have not reduced losses or improved recovery, leading to higher electricity tariffs.

The regulator has also proposed the government to privatize Discos, with the government planning to hand over at least one Disco to each province.

According to Secretary Power, Rashid Mehmood Langrial, the power sector’s losses are higher than the country’s annual defense budget.

Via: Business Recorder

  • Cantonments are running commercial projects and now own multi-billion dollar worth of Prime land. Why Indian Army is not running any commercial projects like our Army is doing?. Why Army officers are running Cantonments?. Why they have created a new developed world inside Pakistan?. Please leave it to private sector to do these projects and concentrate on the real job e.g Defending Pakistan.

    • They are doing their job i.e defending the country. Otherwise you wouldn’t be commenting this 🤡

      • When did they defended the country? All wars were lost and Pakistan cut in half in 1971. Do you call this defending. Why they need to build their own businesses, allow themselves allotment of free plots and land, have specific quota in all departments, intervene in politics. Any example of another country’s army doing that. These are just open and general accusations which are actually not accusations but clear truths. Real accusations run way deeper like they decide on every regime change, every major appointment and every major decision of the country.

        • Bro they don’t care, it’s been 75yrs since the independence; have they learnt from their mistakes? Nope! they deliberately ruined every inch of the country.

      • Ji Bhai fouj duty kr rhi hai esa hi hai pr iska Matlab yeh nhi k aap Baki sab Ka haq bhi harap krjao

    • Really they have built their own cities in big cities that are well developed,well kept, really good schools for their children,they are running big business

  • What is next?. Inauguration of a new country known as DHA within Pakistan?.

    • I don’t know what’s their problem?! Instead of ridding the thirsty politicians, they are now electricity generators

  • Solar energy panels kits hybrid system should be from pakistan. Or it should be developed indigenously to flourish local industry and technical work. Trained Technical work force is much needed around globe

  • Waiting for the day when Pakistan Army will start production of nappies and sanitary pads.

  • Being a resident of Karachi D.H.A , I have applied for permission to install solar system on my roof top but it’s been 45 days , I am given the said permission where all requirements are fulfilled. D.H.A is running dual criteria for their residents

  • Muhammad Ali jinha ki sub se bari galti … Pakistan ko India se Azad kra ka DHA ko da diya … Phir ic se ya hoa aadha Pakistan to khtum ho gia … Aur aadha DHA ka kabza ma Chala gia

  • Solar panel apne ghar se layen ge ya ye bhi ghareeb Pakistani awam ke tax ke paiso se ayega.

    • Awam ke peson Ka hi Hoga,Jin k bachon ko Pani peenay k Liye bhi pehlay line maen lag kr bottle bharna Hoti hai,or idher inkay bachon ki nonstop entertainment k Liye solar panel lagwa kr diye ja rhay han,hamari fouj to ab latini americi ryaston ki fouj ki trah Hoti ja rhi hai.

  • I think,all high level pak army officer generta respect in the heart of public. Then work on other projects

  • Pak Army is generating its own electricity and if local people do the same thing then it is a crime, This is our Pakistan..

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