Pakistan Army Gets 45,000 Acres of Barren Land for Farming

Punjab’s caretaker administration has agreed to give the Pakistan Army at least 45,267 acres of land in three districts — Bhakkar, Khushab, and Sahiwal — for “Corporate Agricultural Farming.”

The military’s land directorate wrote to the Punjab chief secretary, the Board of Revenue, and secretaries of the agriculture, forest, livestock, and irrigation departments to transfer:

  • 42,724 acres in Bhakkar’s Kaloor Kot and Mankera
  • 1,818 acres in Khushab’s Quaidabad and Khushab
  • 725 acres in Sahiwal’s Chichawatni.

The letter also referenced the Punjab government’s February 20, 2023 notification and March 8 Joint-Venture (JV) agreement.

While signing the JV management agreement on March 8, it was decided that state lands immediately required for the project be handed over to Pakistan Army.

Citing sources, a report from Dawn states that the military, Punjab government, and corporate farming corporations signed the JV.

The report stated that the Punjab government will supply land and the army will use its resources and manage the project. The business sector will invest and provide auxiliary support, including fertilizers.

Military sources clarified that the land will remain the Punjab government’s property. “Army participation will offer a coherent administrative structure,” the report added.

Citing “insiders”, the report stated that the Army viewed the area as barren, uncultivated, and underutilized. It intends to make it a fruitful land that will yield revenue and natural resources.

According to insiders, retired army officers would handle the project, ensuring the interest of the general public, the government, and the investors.

At least 40% of the cultivation money will go to the Punjab government, 20% to modern agricultural research and development, and the rest to future crops and project expansion.

Via: Dawn

  • These areas are some of the most fertile land in pakistan. Khushab and chichawatli both have planned forests.
    Who said this was barren land?
    How can a caretaker government hand over state land to the army?
    Why is the army involved in corporate farming?

    • Punjab has thousands of jobless graduates who are Bachelors, Masters and even Phds in Agriculture. Why land cannot be given to such researchers on a long term conditional lease?. Imagine that you teach thousands of graduates for Agriculture and they are jobless, but Army officers who are never trained into this field will now control such a huge amount of land in Punjab.
      So do you think these jobless Agriculture Experts will love Pakistan or our Armee or they will hate this country?

    • @Loyaly Your comment is a Saazish against our country. You are Ghadaar e Watan. You seems to be a foreign funded agent. Anyone who questions such decisions are working on a foreign agenda to destabilize our country.Vigo Daala ab tera intezaar kar raha hay.

  • Pakistan army leave the border and come to the business in the country because Pakistan ka Allah Hafiz hai
    Hadd hi mukk gai a

  • “Army viewed the land as barren, uncultivated” seriously is this your job ???
    “Retired army officers will handle the project” lolzz fck off bloody civilian, they are expert of everything.

  • Who will guarantee that this land:
    1) Will not be converted into DHA and Askari schemes in future?.
    2) Who will guarantee that Army officers will not get 50-100 acres out of it during the retirement?.
    3) Why this land was not given among the landless Haaris of Punjab or jobless Agriculture (Hons) graduates?.
    Also it is totally unethical that Army has taken such a huge amount of land from the unelected Punjab government. 45,000 is like a small city. This is height of non-Professionalism. Have you ever heard that American or European Soldiers doing Farming on such a huge amount of Land.
    Very Very Sad Situation for Pakistan.

  • The ‘establishment’ needs to stop this. It’s time to return them to the border, and make them stop selling fertilizers, gas, cement, power, stocks, banking, meat, chips, corn flakes, juices, etc. All these businesses should be auctioned to the Pakistani public in form of stocks.

  • Ya thoray arsy bad sari land harap kar jaen gay . Ya to gernel aps ma bandar bant kar len gay ya phir housing societiyan bana len gay.

  • Pakistan army should do his job to protect our borders not to cultivate the land

  • Matlb yea land be gens or officers k name per jaiyge emargee awam tar gee army sham on u pak army

  • Pakistan’s Army is not an army actually, It is a Corporate Enterprise which deals in many businesses. Everything in this country is for them and nothing for US, we are bloody civilians who are living in this country only to serve these b*****ds.

  • انہی کاموں کی وجہ سے آرمی نے عوام میں اپنی قدر کھو دی ہے ۔ان شاءاللہ ایک دن ہم آزادی حاصل کریں گے اور فوج کو واپس بیرکوں میں بھیجیں گے ۔

  • اے وطن کے سجیلے جوانو! سارے رقبے تمھارے لئے ہیں

  • If they have the guts, they should capture lands from Pakistan’s enemies and cultivate them or construct DHA there and enroll them selves there for jobs and give some piece of it to the poor pakistanis .

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