Thousands of Families to Get Free Flour Before Ramadan in Islamabad

The government announced on Friday that it will offer free wheat flour to 185,000 households in the Federal Capital by 18 March. This is to assist poor households that were impacted by inflation.

Prime Minister (PM) Shehbaz Sharif presided over the decision-making meeting, emphasizing that the government is doing everything possible to support those in need.

To make the procedure as easy as possible, qualifying families can get their flour at any of the 40 Utility Store locations. Anyone can check their eligibility by sending a text message containing their CNIC number to 8717.

Families with a BISP registration and a poverty rating of 60 or below are eligible for 30 kilograms of flour each month. To resolve any issues, a toll-free helpline (0800-05590) has been set up for consumers to call if they face any problems.

The PM also acknowledged the necessity of easing problems that poor and middle-income people encounter during Ramadan. As a result, he directed relevant authorities to prevent long lines at flour distribution stations.

Similar steps were implemented for Punjab earlier this week when the PM announced free wheat flour for around 15.8 million homes during a meeting on Monday. He announced that the flour will be supplied through 8,500 Utility Shops from 25 Sha’ban to 25 Ramazan. In addition, another 20,000 flour supply locations will be established to assist the people.