Now Get Paid for Shopping Online with Picodi Cashback

Almost all of us are hard up these days. Shopping, in such times, seems more like a luxury in these times of high inflation.

But how about we tell you that now you can not only save big on your next online shopping, but also get part of the money spent on your e-purchase back!

Yes, you heard that right!, previously known for its coupon and discount codes, has now launched a cashback service that gives you, the shopper, double the savings.

By utilizing the latest cashback feature along with the coupons, online shoppers in Pakistan can now maximize their profits!

What are the Benefits of Picodi Cashback?

Users, who create a free account and enable the cashback feature before each purchase, can enjoy benefits such as:

  • Up to 15% cashback on the first purchase with Picodi
  • From 3% to 10% money back on further purchases (without limits)
  • Possibility of earning extra cashback for referrals:
    • Each referral gives both the inviter and the invitee Rs. 500 if the invitee makes a purchase with Picodi
    • The current record holder invited over 200 people and earned over Rs. 100,000 through Picodi referrals!

Where Can You Get the Cashback?

You can currently get cashback for shopping online at 20 shops in Pakistan, including Daraz,, Zaful, AliExpress, DHGate, to name a few.

The cashback percentage varies depending on the store and product category, typically ranging from 3% to 10%. However, new users can take advantage of an elevated cashback rate of 15%.

How Can You Pay Out Your Cashback Earnings?

The money can be sent to your Bank account or Binance account where you can withdraw it. The minimum amount to withdraw is Rs. 5,000.

Why Does Picodi Pay Its Users Money?

Picodi operates on a straightforward principle: they receive a commission for every user they bring to the shop, which is then divided among their users.

This results in a mutually beneficial scenario where all parties benefit, making it a triple win.

What is Picodi?

Picodi operates in 44 countries worldwide, and in Pakistan, it’s been available since 2015. The website, mostly known for coupon and discount codes, has recently started offering its cashback feature.

Apart from the website, Picodi is also available as an app on Android and iOS, as well as Chrome and Safari extensions.

These extensions will let you know when your cashback is available and automatically add promo codes at checkout if any are available.

Start Shopping (and Saving) Now!

Want to save money on your next online shopping? Create an account and start saving with Picodi cashback today!

For more information, visit the Picodi website.

  • Please share screenshots of how withdrawal of Rs. 5000 or more takes place. Does Picodi require a PayPal account or can they transfer directly to any bank account in Pakistan? Do they charge any fee for transferring cash?

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