CDA Launches Action Against Illegal Tree Cutting in Islamabad

The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has issued a stern warning to anyone found guilty of illegally cutting trees, stating that they will be punished in accordance with the law of the land.

The Environment Wing of the civic agency is committed to pursuing cases against those involved in tree cutting and ensuring that they face the full extent of the law, a national daily has reported.

An official has stated that “Protecting trees is our top priority. Our message is clear: if you cut down a tree, you will go to jail. Let’s work together to make Islamabad a clean, healthy, and green city.”

The government has repeatedly announced its zero-tolerance policy towards the timber mafia and has made it clear that no one will be allowed to cut down even a single tree in Islamabad.

The National Assembly Standing Committee on Government Assurances has directed the federal government to take strict action against the timber mafia. In October 2018, the federal government imposed a complete ban on cutting down trees in Islamabad to protect the environment of the capital.

In October 2021, the CDA moved the Islamabad High Court (IHC) seeking action against the owner of a private housing society involved in a tree-chopping case under the Martial Law Regulations.

Another official acknowledged that “While it is true that new saplings – five to seven feet tall – cannot replace the loss of 30 to 40-year-old trees, which are better at absorbing air pollution, the new saplings will take another three to four decades to yield equal environmental and health benefits for the city and its residents.”

He added, “Environmental pollution is becoming an increasingly serious threat, and harmful gas emissions are also rising. Therefore, a clean and green environment is urgently needed for the residents of the green city.”

“We will take strict action against anyone who cuts down a tree without obtaining prior approval from the relevant authorities. From now on, we will send them to jail instead of just imposing fines that yield no results,” the official warned.

  • اسلام آباد کی ساری کچی آبادیاں عرصہ درراز سے
    درخت کاٹنے میں مصروف ہیں کوئ پوچھنے والا نہیں
    اور پولوشن بھی پھیلا رہی ہیں

    • ٹھیک کہ رہے ہیں آپ لطیف شاہ صاحب میں نے نیچے ذکر بھی کیا ہے

  • Dear CDA Environment, only monitor the corner of Printing Corporation G 7 and two other locations. It is happening through out the year. People are cutting trees from Shakarparian junngle for domestic use. Daily after Fajar uptill 8:00 am ( Before office hours) people cross Srinagar Highway and then Khyaban e Sohrwardi carrying trees and bushes on shoulders and enters on Waris Shah road, Street 32 G-7/1 and entrance street on right corner of Overseas Employment Corporation G-7/1 to reach their homes in 3 locations

    1. Khada Market G 7 settelment (Kachi Abadi)
    2. Sao Quarter Kachi Abadi on Shah Abdul Lateef Road G-7/1
    3. Zero Point Kachi abadi located in between Nawai Waqat office and ZTBL G-7/1

    Who is to be contacted to report. No helpline in this regard. No email etc facility. Why these abadis are developed. In case developed they should arrange their gas cylinders.

    Being resident of area I noticed this but I am sure all around in illegal settalments this is the story. People have electricity and water pipelines in above mentioned three locations Masha Allah.

    These are poor people and local representatives along with Capital Administration should sattle them in planned manner like one such Abadi we have in H 9 area.

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