Samsung Hits Breakthrough in Next Gen Batteries for Phones and EVs

Similar to many other major technology companies, Samsung’s battery division is actively engaged in developing innovative solid-state batteries. Sources familiar with the matter have indicated that the company has achieved significant advancements in this area.

Solid-state batteries offer several advantages, including enhanced energy density, enabling larger capacities to be accommodated within the same volume. Moreover, they contribute to the long-term durability of batteries.

These advancements are anticipated to herald a new era in smartphone development and electric vehicle (EV) mobility.

Xiaomi has also acknowledged its efforts in solid-state battery research and development, reporting progress in its endeavors. However, QuantumScape emerges as one of the most promising manufacturers in this field. Notably, QuantumScape has already established collaborations with specific car manufacturers and has provided prototype samples for testing purposes to its partners.

Samsung has dedicated over a decade to developing a prototype for an oxide-based solid-state battery. Reportedly, the company has recently achieved a significant breakthrough in this area. What’s intriguing is that two distinct divisions within Samsung will be working independently to integrate this new technology into tangible products.

Samsung’s Electro-Mechanics department will concentrate on delivering solid-state batteries specifically designed for smart and mobile devices. In contrast, Samsung SDI will focus on the development of a solid-state battery utilizing sulfide electrolytes, with a primary focus on the electric vehicle (EV) sector.

  • What is the source of this article? Samsung didn’t announce any practical breakthrough yet?

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