More Than 100 Housing Societies Are Illegal in Islamabad

A total of 111 illegal housing societies were found in the federal capital, violating legal procedures and regulations, according to the National Assembly Standing Committee on Climate Change and Environmental Coordination.

The committee discussed various issues, including the impact of housing societies on the environment, sewage problems in Islamabad, and the case of Monal Restaurant’s environmental damage.

The absence of the Chairman of the Capital Development Authority (CDA) was criticized, and the committee requested their attendance at the next meeting.

The committee also expressed concern over the attack on the Director General of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and called for appropriate action.

Members of the committee emphasized the need for coordination among relevant authorities and expressed frustration with the deteriorating state of the federal capital.

The committee urged the Ministry of Climate Change and Environmental Coordination to initiate a media campaign to enforce the ban on plastic bags.

The committee also discussed the issue of Monal Restaurant’s sewage affecting the Margalla Hills National Park.

  • Please specify and name the illegal societies along with their locations

    • Google illegal societies..
      You will get list ….

      Every year when new CDA director or chairman comes..all legal becomes illegal..
      So as to get all society owners to pay them bribes

      Regardless of society is legal or illegal..

      Big drama every time always on time..

      • Yes. 100% correct.
        Land and real estate is completely fraud in Pakistan.
        Overwhelming majority of overseas has got it now and now they don’t buy land or property in Pakistan.
        Qabza groups are powerful and courts take atleast 40 to 60 years to give decision.
        Simple is that, don’t buy land.

  • Every society or land is one to all fraud in Pakistan.
    But innocent overseas Pakistanis can’t understand it. Eventually every land will be grabbed by Qabza group, its written on wall reality. But overseas will buy land to be looted again and again.

  • the authorities must be hanged till death.what they were doing when construction work was being carried out.

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