UAE Travelers Can Save Big on Summer Holidays With These Tips

Planning a summer getaway? UAE travelers can now rejoice as Skyscanner research reveals smart strategies to save thousands of dirhams on their holiday plans.

By making some simple changes, such as adjusting travel dates and departure airports, travelers can enjoy massive savings, according to international travel experts.

Many UAE Travelers Are Yet to Book Summer Getaways

Skyscanner’s findings suggest that while an overwhelming 91 percent of UAE travelers are planning to jet off this summer, nearly half of them (48%) are yet to make their bookings. This means there’s still time to take advantage of money-saving opportunities.

The data reveals a discrepancy between travelers’ confidence and their actual search behavior. While 91% of UAE travelers express confidence in their ability to find the best holiday deals, only 4% are actually searching for trips during the cheapest week of summer. This indicates an untapped potential to unlock savings.

Best Weeks for Cheaper Holidays

Skyscanner, with its vast database of over 80 billion daily price searches, has identified specific travel hacks for UAE travelers.

One such hack is to plan the summer holiday during the last week of the school summer break, rather than the initial weeks.

By doing so, travelers can enjoy an average savings of 10%, equivalent to AED 760 for a family of four.

Traveling During Off-Peak Days

For those who can be flexible with their travel days, Skyscanner data unveils the opportunity to save up to 35% on airfare by choosing less popular days like Fridays.

Not only does this bring financial benefits, but it also offers the benefit of a less crowded airport experience. A whopping 90% of UAE travelers are open to adjusting their day and week of travel to save big.

Choosing Abu Dhabi Airport Over Dubai Airport for Lower Prices

Another money-saving tip provided by Skyscanner is to consider alternative departure airports. Flight prices can vary based on factors such as airline availability and popular routes.

By exploring different options, travelers can save a significant amount of money. For instance, departing from Abu Dhabi instead of Dubai can save a family of four a staggering AED 13,828 on a trip to Italy.

UAE Travelers Can Do More to Find Deals

Ayoub El Mamoun, a travel expert at Skyscanner, pointed out that while UAE travelers are willing to make financial sacrifices to save money for their summer holidays, they tend to be less proactive in searching for the best holiday deals compared to their usual shopping habits.

This highlights the need for travelers to explore all available options to ensure maximum savings.

Final Word

With Skyscanner’s comprehensive research and travel expertise, UAE travelers now have the knowledge and tools to make informed decisions and maximize their savings during the summer holidays.

By adjusting travel dates, considering alternative airports, and staying flexible, UAE travelers can enjoy significant discounts, ensuring a memorable vacation without breaking the bank.

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