Govt Imposes Tax on Non-Filers For Cash Withdrawals Exceeding Rs. 50,000

The federal government has decided to impose a flat 0.6 percent tax on citizens not appearing on the Federal Board of Revenue’s (FBR) Active Taxpayer List (ATL).

According to the budget documents, this tax regime on cash withdrawals would help document the economy.

The document stated that the government has decided to impose a 0.6 percent tax rate on cash withdrawals over Rs. 50,000 in order to document cash withdrawal data on non-ATL individuals and increase their transaction expenditure. This move is likely aimed at attracting more individuals into the tax net.

This law existed previously but was repealed by the previous administration via the Finance Bill 2021.

It bears mentioning that some big measures taken under the Finance Act 2022 against the non-filers were not enforced adequately, and the government this time has decided to strictly enforce measures for improving the country’s tax revenue.

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    • Okay, I was just thinking about this again. Non-filers already don’t pay tax, and are not in the system, putting this tax will discourage non-filers to use cash instead of bank.

      • Correction everyone pay taxes filer and non filer both but filer is the one who fails to file his/her tax return he/she just have to show fbr how much tax he/she is paying

      • Everyone in pakistan is paying huge taxes filer and none filer in every bills. In super stores and every item. But in return nothing. This is the time for us to withdraw our money from banks and leave this country. These politicians even put tax on our plots and everything even they did not gave us job. We will loose everything here due to imf.

  • یہ فیصلہ اقتصادی نظام کی حفاظت اور نافارغین فائلرز کو قانونی ذمہ داریوں کے پابند بنانے کے لئے اہم قدم ہے۔ روپے 50,000 سے زیادہ رقم نکالنے پر لاگو کیے جانے والے ٹیکس سے اندراج ہونے سے، نافارغین فائلرز کو اپنی ٹیکس فائلنگ میں صداقت پر احتیاط کرنی پڑے گی۔ یہ کارروائی سودمند ہو سکتی ہے جو سرمایہ کاری کو بڑھانے اور ملکی معیشت کو مضبوط کرنے کا اہم تعاون کرے گی۔

    یہ فیصلہ نافارغین فائلرز کو کیفیتی طور پر ترقی یافتہ سیکٹر کی طرف مائل کرتا ہے، جو سلامتی اور مستحکم مالی نظام کے تشکیل میں اہم کردار ادا کرتا ہے۔ حکومت کے اقدامات کے ذریعہ، مالی اصلاحات اور انصاف کا دور شروع ہوتا ہے جو عوام کو بہترین معاشی مستقبل فراہم کرنے کے لئے ضروری ہیں۔

  • Fbr should simplfy the tax collection. Tax form is difficult that people avoid to become part of it. Lawyer fee blackmailing by fbr staff. Let’s make things simple. Include fruit seller dahi beale wala. Ever individual to deposit rs 1000 as fixed tax. Poor people go to public hospitals. Get rebate on commodities.

  • But this filers and non filers must be among the traders and business community. Why this division effecting a common man, such as a daily wages labor, government or private company servant, doctors etc community who are earning 5 to 10 million a month and not in tax regime? MOF should look into it and make a favorable decision as soon as possible.

  • تم لوگوں کا اور کام ہی کیا ھے۔ طرح طرح کے بہانے ڈھونڈ کر عوام کو لوٹنے کے منصوبے بنارھے ھو۔ اللہ تم لوگوں کو تباہ وبرباد کرے۔ آمین۔

  • When people would believe that their tax money will not be looted and laundered abroad by crooks automatically will be encouraged to pay their taxes already paying in the form of indirect taxes!!

  • Mery khyal sy ye 50k ke lie acha decejn nhi hai 100k k lie 500 tx hona chahie to mai iske sath kush nii hai
    so 50k k lie tx ni hona chaie just for 100k respect dy nal

  • I m sorry to say non of Pakistani government never think to earn money by improving any industry in pakiatan ..they just like to impose taxes

  • I’m not gonna file under this corrupt regime backed by military establishment. Everyone should for sure leave Pakistan, let them have what they want. They will come to their senses once there’s no one and nothing left in Pakistan.

  • Taxes are only for pakistani people’s….
    Jin per Bus chalta hai…. Khud Govt law ka mazaq uraya hua hai….
    La-qanuniyat ka bazar garam hai…
    Taxes or her cheez hamaray liyay hai…. 40% say zyada tax her citizen pay karta hai…
    OR ameer sirf politicians ho rahay hai… Imf ko paisa be awam nay daina hai…
    Yeh log to pakistani hai he ni…
    Chor hai, sub k sub politicians..
    Pakistan say chala jana chahiyay

  • this is Pakistan buddies…..kuch bhi nhi ho ga koi bhi strategy bana len…just leave this country ASAP…..the worst is yet to come….

  • This will be counterproductive and lead to cash rather than bank transactions.

  • This applies to cash withdrawal only or transfer of funds will also be charged with this tax?

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