This Manikin Can Breathe, Sweat, and Feel Heat

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Scientists have successfully developed a groundbreaking manikin named ANDI, which possesses unique capabilities such as having the same thermal functions as a human body, reports Express UK. 

ANDI has the remarkable ability to feel heat, simulate sweating, and perform indoor-outdoor breathing. What’s more, it has an impressive array of 35 distinct surface areas.

The team from Arizona State University responsible for creating ANDI has equipped each of these surface areas with individual temperature sensors, heat flux sensors, and specialized pores that enable the manikin to replicate the formation of sweat beads, among other functions.

Konrad Rykaczewski, an associate professor at the University’s School for Engineering of Matter, Transport, and Energy, plans to utilize ANDI for studying the impact of extreme heat on human health.

ANDI sweats, he generates heat, shivers, walks and breathes. There’s a lot of great work out there for extreme heat, but there’s also a lot missing. We’re trying to develop a very good understanding (of how heat impacts the human body) so we can quantitatively design things to address it.

This innovative manikin has been specifically designed to enhance our understanding of heat stress on individuals and shed light on the reasons behind the life-threatening consequences of extreme weather conditions.

To facilitate this research, the university has created a dedicated heat chamber where experts can conduct experiments to expose ANDI to varying climatic conditions from different regions around the world.

This controlled environment enables them to investigate the effects of heat exposure in a precise and controlled manner.

Jenni Vanos, associate professor at the ASU School of Sustainability, said:

We can move different BMI [body mass index] models, different age characteristics, and different medical conditions [into ANDI]. A diabetes patient has different thermal regulation from a healthy person. So we can account for all these modifications with our customized models”

The team is striving to develop an innovative approach that can assist in mitigating the effects of heat, potentially involving the creation of cooling garments or backpack exoskeletons specifically designed to provide cooling support.

      • Hmm… you are right. I just searched that Manakins are used for medical purposes. Interesting new information. I apologize for my earlier remark.

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