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90 Govt Officers and Dozens of Politicians Involved in Smuggling Billions of Liters of Iranian Fuel

A report to the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) alleges that 29 lawmakers are involved in smuggling Iranian fuel to Pakistan.

The report says that terrorists fund themselves through petrol smuggling. The research incriminated politicians and government officials for smuggling 2.8 billion liters of Iranian petrol to Pakistan annually.

It claimed that Pakistan loses Rs. 60 billion annually to petrol smuggling. The report added,

A total of 995 petrol pumps across the country are involved in the illegal sale of Iranian petrol. Around 90 government officials and 29 politicians are involved in smuggling of petrol.

The report also alleged that the smuggled fuel is transported in Pakistan State Oil’s (PSO) vehicles. So far, PMO is silent regarding the issue, which will likely incriminate a large number of big politicians across Pakistan.

A recent media report also highlighted that certain individuals have established illegal petrol distribution operations, frequently selling Iranian gasoline in plastic containers. This illicit trade not only poses serious threats to public safety but also undermines legitimate businesses

The report also highlighted that instead of taking action against the illegal trade, the police officers began purchasing gasoline from the individuals involved. The issue has been highlighted a few times in the past few days, with no concrete response from the government.

  • The smuggled darn petroleum is not teleported from iran to pakistan, it goes through the f’ing border and who the f is guarding it the army, where are the names of army officers involved

  • Who is protecting the border?. Who cannot protect the borders? Army officials are angels and they are not involved at all? How long we will close our eyes and will not question.

  • This has been common knowledge for decades, its just that the exact number has been disclosed. Now, the real question is, what sort of punishment will be decided for them.

  • Still no action, it is big mafia to hand ke & sharing it up to high level bereaucrecy, administration, leaders ship & other hard agency those covered area of Baluchistan from border to Karachi, Sadiq Abad etc.

  • Every culprit should be hanged till death. Complete seize of property, wealth in any state should be sold and the amount to be deposited in the national account.

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