Leopard Mauls Multiple People in Parachinar

In a harrowing incident on Sunday, a leopard unleashed chaos in Parachinar, leaving four individuals injured as Wildlife Department officials grappled with the daunting task of subduing the wildcat.

The terrifying ordeal began when the leopard pounced on two unsuspecting victims at Parachinar’s Sabzi Mandi in the morning hours. Subsequently, the Wildlife Department’s ill-equipped team arrived at the scene, embarking on a day-long mission to apprehend the formidable feline. Their endeavors, however, proved fruitless, causing a surge of panic amongst the Sabzi Mandi’s inhabitants, who scattered in terror.

The two initial victims were swiftly transported to the District Headquarters Hospital in Parachinar, while two rescue personnel sustained injuries in their valiant efforts to contain the wildcat. Munsif Ali, a spokesperson for the local Wildlife Department, briefed reporters on their relentless pursuit, disclosing the leopard’s elusive hideout within a godown in the bustling vegetable market.

This marked a historic incident for Parachinar, an area unaccustomed to such wildlife encounters. Consequently, a specialized team was dispatched from Peshawar to bolster the operation, intensifying attempts to capture the leopard.

Despite stern warnings from both the police and wildlife officials, a curious crowd, including schoolchildren, swarmed the vegetable market, seeking a glimpse of the enigmatic intruder. Authorities urged restraint, emphasizing the need to avoid agitating the animal further by approaching too closely.

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