Rescued Cheetah Cub ‘Lucky’ Gets Second Life at Islamabad Wildlife Board

In a tale of both tragedy and triumph, a cheetah cub rescued from the harsh wilderness of Azad Jammu and Kashmir has been welcomed into the compassionate care of the Islamabad Wildlife Board.

Affectionately named ‘Lucky’ for its miraculous survival, the cub’s journey from peril to safety exemplifies the unwavering dedication of wildlife conservationists in safeguarding vulnerable species.

Discovered in dire straits in the Dhirkot area of Azad Jammu and Kashmir, Lucky’s plight tugged at the heartstrings of local authorities and wildlife enthusiasts alike. Severely injured and suffering from dehydration and skin infection, the cub’s survival hung in the balance as it awaited rescue.

Prompt action by the Islamabad Wildlife Management Board saw Lucky swiftly transferred to their specialized rescue center, where a team of experts provided the cub with urgent medical attention. Despite the challenges posed by its injuries, Lucky’s resilient spirit shone through as it bravely fought to overcome adversity.

According to a spokesperson for the Islamabad Wildlife Management Board, Lucky, estimated to be between five to six months old, had endured unimaginable hardship before being rescued. Local individuals had inflicted harm upon the defenseless cub, breaking its teeth and fracturing its legs, further underscoring the urgent need for wildlife protection measures in the region.

The collaboration between Azad Kashmir Wildlife and Islamabad Wildlife Management Board underscores the importance of collective efforts in safeguarding endangered species. Recognizing the dire need for rehabilitation facilities, Azad Kashmir Wildlife sought cooperation from Islamabad Wildlife to ensure Lucky’s timely recovery.

According to IWMB officials, after the provision of essential medical care, Lucky’s condition has significantly improved. The cub has begun to regain its strength and appetite, signaling a promising step towards its eventual release back into the wild.

As Lucky continues its journey towards full recovery, Islamabad Wildlife Board remains committed to providing the cub with the necessary veterinary care and rehabilitation services. With each passing day, Lucky’s story serves as a beacon of hope for the countless other wildlife species facing similar challenges in their struggle for survival.

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