IT Ministry Initiates National Cyber Security Framework

In a move to bolster the nation’s cyber security capabilities, the Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunication is spearheading the development of a comprehensive National Cyber Security Framework.

This initiative aims to fortify the country’s digital infrastructure against emerging cyber threats and safeguard its citizens, businesses, and critical sectors from malicious cyber activities.

According to officials in the Ministry of IT and Telecom, the heart of this framework lies in the establishment of a dedicated National Cyber Security Agency (NSCA), slated to assume a pivotal role in coordinating cyber security efforts at the federal level. Under its umbrella, a tiered structure comprising the Computer Emergency Response Team Council (CERT Council), National Computer Emergency Response Team (NCERT), Sectoral CERTs, and Provincial CERTs will be crafted to ensure a robust and cohesive defense mechanism across various administrative levels.

According to MoITT officials, intensive deliberations are already underway to shape this ambitious framework, highlighting the government’s steadfast dedication to protecting national interests in cyberspace. Notably, the federal government has approved the establishment of the National CERT, marking a significant milestone in Pakistan’s journey toward cyber resilience.

In the imminent days, the Ministry is poised to issue notifications formalizing the establishment of the National CERT, signaling a concrete step forward in operationalizing the envisioned cyber defense architecture.

Furthermore, with plans underway to establish Sectoral CERTs catering to key industries and Provincial CERTs ensuring localized response capabilities, the holistic approach outlined in the framework underscores Pakistan’s proactive stance in confronting evolving cyber threats.

Crucially, the forthcoming CERT Council, envisioned as the apex body overseeing coordination and collaboration among the diverse cyber defense entities, will serve as a linchpin in orchestrating a unified response to cyber incidents of national significance.

By fostering synergy among stakeholders and leveraging cutting-edge technologies, the Council is poised to elevate Pakistan’s cyber defense posture to new heights, setting a precedent for proactive cyber governance on a global scale.

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