Earn Up To 5 Crore With These 7 Multi-National Companies Offering Exciting Remote Jobs

In a rapidly evolving job market where remote work has become the norm, the allure of ‘working from anywhere’ is increasingly enticing. Given the rising value of the dollar currency, many want to work for US-based or multi-national companies. There are numerous companies that offer remote positions, but are not available for foreigners.

Only a select few provide the ultimate freedom of working from any location worldwide. If you’re seeking a career that offers both flexibility and substantial financial rewards, these seven companies might just have the perfect opportunity for you.


Policy: Employees have the flexibility to work from any location within their country for compensation and tax purposes. Additionally, they can enjoy up to 90 days of remote work from practically anywhere in the world.

Job Opportunities: Airbnb boasts over 130 vacancies across various roles. For instance, a Senior Manager in Technical Education can expect an average salary of approximately $180,000 (Rs. 5 Crore).


Policy: Atlassian champions a ‘Team Anywhere’ workstyle, allowing staff to work from any of the 13 countries where the company is established. Employees can also work away from their ‘home base’ for a designated period each year.

Job Opportunities: With over 250 open roles, Atlassian offers opportunities in engineering, sales, and more. A Machine Learning Engineer can earn an average annual salary of around $145,000 (Rs. 4 Crore).


Policy: Buffer promotes a highly flexible work environment, enabling employees to work from any corner of the globe. Remote work from exotic locations is not just encouraged but a regular occurrence.
Job Opportunities: While Buffer is smaller in scale, it currently has vacancies across various positions. For instance, a Senior iOS Engineer can expect a salary well into the $100k+ bracket.


Policy: Automattic empowers its workforce to work from their preferred location. The company encourages regular travel for company meetups, fostering a collaborative global environment.
Job Opportunities: While Automattic doesn’t advertise active roles, it invites candidates to express interest in various departments. An Executive Operations role may offer an average annual salary of $170,000 (Rs. 4.7 Crore).


Policy: Deel’s ‘Work From Wherever’ approach allows employees to thrive in a borderless work environment. With a workforce spanning 88 countries, the company embraces global talent.
Job Opportunities: Deel is rapidly expanding, with over 200 job openings. A Database Administrator can earn an average annual salary of approximately $140,000 (Rs. 4 Crore).


Policy: TestGorilla boasts a distributed team spread across 40+ countries, emphasizing remote work. Despite its smaller scale, the company offers significant flexibility.
Job Opportunities: With eight current vacancies, TestGorilla caters to various roles. A Senior Backend Engineer may earn an average annual salary of $48,000 (Rs. 1.3 Crore).


Policy: Zapier operates with a 100% distributed working model, allowing employees to work from any location worldwide. A flexible annual leave policy encourages personal time off.
Job Opportunities: With 14 available positions, Zapier offers opportunities for strategic roles. For instance, a Strategic Financial Analyst may earn an average annual salary of around $54,000 (Rs. 1.5 Crore).

If you’re ready to embark on a career journey that offers both financial stability and unmatched freedom, consider exploring opportunities with these innovative companies. With the ability to work from anywhere, you can fulfill your professional aspirations while enjoying the flexibility to explore the world on your terms.

  • Hello I m kalsoom from pakistan my qualification is b.a I want on lain job at home thanks

  • I’m interested and looking for a remote job. I’m a blogger, content writer, creative writer, resume writer, assignment, research, thesis work, translator , graphic designer Canva expert ( logo design, thumbnail , T shirt, cards etc) and biologist. Please consider me for any role.
    Thanks a lot.

  • Assalamualaikum,i am a house wife, 43 years old , i have a B.Sc degree from K.U,i done my graphic designer corse last year ,i also have YouTube channel with 12.5 k subscribers.i want remote job.thank you.

  • I need a job but I don’t think it’s real platform it’s ok let’s see what happened.

  • Aoa I m shagufta I have done Mphill in Environmental science s I need a job

  • I’m interested in the remote jobs. Kindly let me know of vacancy available .
    Thank you.

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