TikToker Hareem Shah Joins a ‘Mainstream’ Political Party in the UK

Controversial social media figure Hareem Shah has made headlines once again, this time announcing her foray into UK politics. This shouldn’t come as a surprise given her history of “mingling” with various Pakistani politicians over the years.

Having left Pakistan over a year ago, Hareem has since not only made London her permanent residence but now has aspirations to join the British Parliament in the future.

In a recent statement, Hareem revealed that she has aligned herself with a mainstream political party in the UK, although she refrained from disclosing its name. She hinted at the possibility of being associated with one of the prominent UK parties, which include the Labour Party, the Conservative Party (Tories), and the Liberal Democrats.

According to Hareem, her decision to step into the political arena came after she was approached by a senior leader of one of these parties. She expressed her intention to contest elections and secure a seat in the UK Parliament, emphasizing her commitment to advocating for Pakistan and championing human rights causes.

The TikTok personality also addressed recent incidents involving her safety, revealing that she sought protection from Scotland Yard after allegedly receiving threats. Hareem claimed that she had reported instances of blackmail, harassment, and intimidation to the police, urging her accusers to pursue legal action rather than resorting to social media slander.

The controversy surrounding Hareem escalated when allegations surfaced, accusing her of involvement in a robbery in Manchester, where she allegedly absconded with £6000. Denying the accusations, Hareem urged her detractors to approach the authorities for a formal investigation.

Following Hareem’s complaint to the London Police, the case attracted attention from local law enforcement, including the UK government’s Modern Slavery Human Trafficking Unit (MSHTU). Concerns for her safety prompted authorities to advise Hareem to relocate from her known address to a new, secure location arranged by the police.

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