Twitter Drama: Interior Ministry Ordered to Take Back Closure Notice

In a recent development, the Sindh High Court has issued a directive to the Interior Ministry, demanding the retraction of its closure notice targeting X, the popular social media platform also known as Twitter.

During Wednesday’s proceedings on the closure case of X, the court emphasized the need for the Interior Ministry to withdraw its letter within a week, cautioning that failure to do so would prompt the court to intervene with its ruling.

The Interior Ministry has a deadline to share justifications for the closure of X by May 9, as per the court’s orders.

Meanwhile, the Islamabad High Court (IHC) has heard a petition contesting the shutdown of X. The Interior Ministry urged against this petition with a report to the IHC, claiming that the petitioner has not been deprived of any rights.

In its report, the ministry claims that X needs to be banned in Pakistan since it does not comply with the orders of the government of Pakistan regarding the platform’s misuse. The report further adds that challenging the closure of X is “against the law and facts”. It cites reports that FIA had requested X to ban accounts that propagate against the chief justice, but the social network did not respond.

According to the ministry, the lack of cooperation from X authorities serves as grounds for regulatory measures against the platform, potentially including its temporary closure. Notably, X is registered in Pakistan but has not agreed to adhere to Pakistani laws.

In light of this situation, the government finds itself compelled to enact a temporary shutdown of X, as per the ministry.

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