How To Analyse Yourself And Choose A Rewarding Career In Pakistan

How To Analyse Yourself And Choose A Rewarding Career In Pakistan

Experience and education define us. Thinking and analysing about ourselves would often scare us; sometimes, discoveries should be left to mystery. But in almost every social standing, there’s something that makes every individual stand out. This article is all about how to analyse yourself, and choose a rewarding career in Pakistan. Read on!

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Analyse Yourself | What’s Logical?

Our personal attitude is nothing but:

  • What we truly think about ourselves;
  • How we feel about ourselves;
  • What we think and feel about someone or something and judge them; our thoughts, actions, responses and reactions.

Anyone up for some analysis? Choose what’s best for you:

  1. The first thought when you wake up in the morning:
  • something very pleasant and happy
  • something sad, negative or depressing.
  1. When you honestly think about yourself do you feel:
  • good about yourself
  • miserable
  1. When something goes wrong with you:
  • assume responsibility and act accordingly
  • blame the whole world
  1. Throughout the day you:
  • smile often
  • are grumpy and sullen
  1. When things don’t go the way you want, you:
  • take it calmly and think of alternatives
  • get angry or upset
  1. When you meet others, more often than not you:
  • pay a compliment or have something nice to say
  • say nothing and have a mean thought in your mind
  1. All day long your mood is:
  • constant and happy
  • swinging between sadness
  • hopelessness and anger
  1. The feeling that mostly dominates your personality is:
  • peace and joy
  • fear, bitterness and self-doubt
  1. When meeting new people, you feel:
  • confident throughout
  • nervous and jittery
  1. You complete any given task:
  • on time and without stress
  • never on time
  1. You are always:
  • punctual and on time
  • never on time since you have no value either for your time or someone else’s
  1. When you think of tomorrow:
  • you feel happy and positive
  • you dread and feel negative

Got you there, didn’t we?

The self-answering questionnaire will help you reflect on how you reach a conclusion. Be mindful of your decisions and try making an honest judgement of your own personality.

Here’s a psychological fact:

You meet a number of people in a day. And whenever a conversation with someone goes beyond 5 minutes, you unconsciously start analysing them. Thanks to your new-found judgemental capability, you start observing their behaviour, their mannerisms and start resonating.

Look. This is the deal right here: You have to question everything you do. Be honest with yourself and try to understand what you strive for. Usually, you’d know the answers to most questions. But something hinders admission, and that could be problematic.

Tricks To Access The Subconscious | Analyse Yourself

We must learn to solve our own problems.

  1. Writing Your Thoughts On Paper

You might have noticed that writing your thought-process down helps a lot to define questions and answers. For example, writing down why you think in a certain way about a situation, sometimes just in key terms helps a lot!

  1. Trick Of The Coin

If you have a difficult decision to make, just flip a coin. Make a solemn vow to go with the outcome that looks up.

If the outcome isn’t to your liking, you will know it inherently. You will think something along the lines of

  • Why did this come out? I wanted the other option to win.

You will know your heart’s desire, no matter what (imagined) obstacles stood before you in the first place.

  1. The Stream Of Consciousness

You put your mind on zero and see what words come up. The hard part is to not think about anything for at least thirty seconds and then let the words come.

You will be surprised as to what odd connections your brain will throw at you.
The important part here is to know how to interpret the signs. Don’t go too far; the simplest explanation is often the easiest.


  1. Read

This is not so much a hack as it is a general rule.

Being psychologically aware about yourself helps you understand the person standing before you. Combine the intensity of your past experiences into an observational factor and try to understand basic human behavior. Adapting to what our eyes see is second nature to behavioral change. Read more about this here.

Define your true-self. What kind of work can you do?


  1. Talk

Just talk. Even if you’ve mastered all of the above, it might not be enough to completely understand yourself.

For instance, while writing about a topic, we give thought to that particular topic. However, quite often, an open discussion can reveal many interesting insights. It must be said that negative or pointless outside influence never be encouraged, but at the same time, we should still interact and gather valuable bits of knowledge and information from wherever we can.

Once you’ve analysed yourself, go for a career that intertwines with your personality and expertise. Here’s a list of some of the most rewarding career paths in our country.


Choose A Rewarding Career In Pakistan

Chartered Accountant | How To Analyse Yourself And Choose A Rewarding Career In Pakistan

Chartered accountancy is considered the top profession, since it offers a very highly paying job. To become a chartered accountant, it requires at least 4.5 years of CA course, provided that all exams are cleared in the candidate’s first attempt.

You can register for CA Foundation after 10th class.

After clearing 12th grade, the foundation exam can be taken. Once this exam is cleared, you can appear for Intermediate level exams that require almost a year’s worth of preparation.

After clearing Intermediate level, 3 years of Article-ship (internship) is required. After this period, you have to appear in final remaining CA tests to achieve the CA Title. The subjects that you need to be strong at are Accounts, Mathematics and Economics.


IT Professional | How To Analyse Yourself And Choose A Rewarding Career In Pakistan

The Information & Technology Sector is booming with innovations and rapid advancements throughout the country. There’s so much room for extra work that almost 60% of our workforce is employed in this sector.

To become a software engineer, you should have a good grasp on Mathematical concepts – mostly Calculus.

Software engineers also have to know a few basic programming languages like C++, C#, Java, Java Script, Python. So, here’s the deal: After your Intermediate studies, you can start your Bachelors program in computer sciences and then move onto pursuing a Master’s degree.

After doing your master degree you can work as a software engineer, network engineer, systems analyst, IT consultant, web designer/developer etc. In Pakistan, the salary for a CS Master can range from Rs.50, 000 to 500,000 per month.


Marketing | How To Analyse Yourself And Choose A Rewarding Career In Pakistan

Product Placement is no joke, but if you’re good at it, prepare for some awesome pay-rates at big companies.

These days, companies are looking for individuals who can boost their sales and provide a corporate blue-print for future dealings. In Pakistan, a marketing manager can earn from Rs 70,000 to as high as Rs 300,000.


Other Career-paths with good future prospects include:

  • Project Management
  • Mechanical Engineer
  • Content Writer
  • SEO Manager For Content
  • Telecom Engineer
  • University Lecturer
  • HR
  • Graphics Designer | Creative Expert


Still doubting yourself? To give you a basic idea, here’s how many jobs you can do (according to Google):

Just some good-hearted humour there! But good luck with everything.

Well, there you have it guys! This was all about how to analyse yourself and choose a rewarding career in Pakistan. If you found this article helpful, share among friends and leave a comment in the comment section below.

Good luck!

Written by Ahsan Gardezi