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Apple Inc or Apple Fruit? Here’s The Truth Behind That Viral TV Clip! [Video]

You may have seen the video. But we bet you didn’t everything about it.


A video clip of a female Pakistani journalist has been going viral for the last few days. Almost everyone using social media has come across the clip which features a discussion about Apple Inc.

The 32 seconds video clip shows a Pakistani anchor confusing tech giant Apple Inc with its ripe and edible counterpart. The gaffe has been watched thousands of times across different social media platforms.

The clip first appeared on another Pakistani journalist Naila Inayat’s Twitter handle. After that it was all over the Internet.

In case you missed it the first time around, here it is:


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The Viral Clip

This talk show that purportedly aired on Seven News shows a female anchor —Bushra Sehreen — and the guest of the show talking about Pakistan’s financial conditions.

During the course of the interview, the guest says

“Alone Apple’s business amounts to more than the whole of Pakistan’s annual budget”.

For most of us who follow the latest tech news, Apple Inc’s status as one of the most valuable companies on the planet isn’t exactly a secret. But even a layman can figure out what went wrong with the interview as it proceeded.


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Bushra, the host, thought that her guest was talking about apple the fruit, not Apple Inc the tech company. She replied:

“Yes I have heard a single apple has many types.”

The shocked panelist corrects her by saying

“We are talking about Apple phones here, not the fruit.”

We all believed that it was an innocent mistake. But now Bushra herself has offered more information about the origins and discussions regarding this now-viral interview.

Here’s What Actually Happened

Talking to a local media outlet, Bushra said the clip is 2 years old. The episode originally aired in 2017.

Bushra Sehreen clarified that the show was about the importance of Business in Pakistan. She and her guest also talked about different vegetables and fruits during the whole discussion.

During the interview, as the panelist mentioned Apple (phones), she confused it for the fruit. They didn’t just talk about apple but other fruits as well.

In light of Bushra’s clarification, she doesn’t come across as tech-illiterate at all. It was an innocent slip of a tongue and a one-off mix-up.

Furthermore she said that she is very hurt at the fun poked at her.

You can watch the whole thing here:




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Written by Arslan Khattak


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  1. Love your innocence and cuteness on your wonderful face. It’s so regular mistake can be uttered by any one. So just njoy n don’t think much about it taking seriously. Your so good.

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