It’s Gone Viral: Quick Style and Mahira Khan Dance to ‘Morey Saiyan’ [Video]

Its “The Best and The Coolest Video Ever!!!”

The world-famous Norwegian dance crew, Quick Style, just did a surprise dance collaboration with Mahira Khan to Zebunisa Bangash’s song Morey Saiyan from Parey Hut Love, and we are loving it!

Quick Style made everyone’s day on social media as they dropped this gem of a video on its Instagram with the caption: “Who is coolest? 😏”

Netizens are blown over by this unexpected collaboration between the top actress and the internationally renowned dance crew.

“This is the cutest thing I’ve seen all day,” one fan commented.

After the success of its first-ever live concert in Dubai earlier this year, Coke Studio brought the highly popular dance group to Pakistan for part of its new nationwide tour, Coke Studio On Wheels Tour. Not surprisingly, the crew made headlines nationwide as soon as it landed in Karachi last week.

Quick Style has been having a blast during its stay in Pakistan as it interacts with local fans while making fun videos of its tour around Karachi.

If the latest collaboration between Quick Style and Mahira Khan is any indication of whatever surprise it has coming up, we are definitely in for a treat.

quick style

Quick Style or The Quick Style (aka the Quick Crew) is a hip-hop/urban dance group, and its name is believed to stand for a way of living, thinking, and inspiring. It was formed in 2006 by Pakistani-Norwegian twin brothers, Suleman Malik and Bilal Malik, and their Thai-Norwegian childhood friend, Nasir Sirikhan.