Passenger Comes Up With A ‘Unique’ Way to Avoid Baggage Fee on Airports

Talk about a legend.

Airline passenger refuses excess baggage fee, puts on all of her clothes.

Would an airline allow you to wear all your clothes to avoid paying the excess baggage fees?

Gel Rodriguez, a woman from the Philippines, certainly got away with it. She managed to cut down two and a half kilograms in excess baggage weight by simply wearing all her clothes like Joey from Friends.

Her airline had a weight limit of seven kilograms while Rodriguez had nine kilograms of baggage. They said that she would have to pay a fee for the excess two kilograms.

It is a scenario that a lot of passengers have to face. Most usually pay the fee and are on their way. Rodriguez, however, had other ideas.

Filipinos are some of the most avid travelers in the global airways and Rodriguez is clearly travel-savvy.

Rodriguez began to pile on clothes—jackets, shirts, pants—all to avoid paying the excess fee. After piling on all the layers, she happily carried her now 6.5 kilo carry-on onto the plane.

Before she got onto the plane, she posed for a picture tagged “#Excess Baggage Challenge Accepted”. She posted it to Facebook on October 2 and it went viral. It currently has 37,000 likes and 22,000 shares.

A Life Hack

People found her hilarious, relating to the travel struggle of excess baggage claims. Many wished that they had the same idea. Some wanted to attempt it the next time they traveled, calling it a newly-discovered “life hack”.

Rodriguez was surprised by the way the post took off and went viral. Commenting on her new-found notoriety, she said she should have posed better in the picture.

Did she have any other regrets?

Just one, an outfit of multiple layers might not be that comfortable. Talking to Vice, Rodriguez said that it got a little hot. Perhaps it’s not an ideal hack in hot weather or on long flights.

And yet many more people have attempted it, some not as successfully as Rodriguez. According to the Telegraph, passengers have worn jeans as scarves, stuffed shoes in jacket pockets and doubled up on suits. One even tried to bribe airline staff with chocolates.

We’re surprised that didn’t work.



Woman Comes Up With A Lazy Yet Effective Idea to Avoid Baggage Fee at Airports