Ghana Ali: ‘I Have No Regrets Marrying a Married Man’

The actress says, it was in her destiny.

Ghana Ali tied the knot with Umair Gulzar, a millionaire who was already married in a simple yet intimate ceremony in May 2021. She has been criticized by the public ever since she got married. And now, finally, she breaks the silence and shares her opinion on marrying an already married man.

Ghana Ali is a very talented Pakistan television, film, and theater actress. She gained fame from her drama serial Sangdil in 2016. With her amazing acting skills, she continues to shine in the showbiz industry. The Saraab star mostly plays antagonistic roles on screen.

The Sun Yaara starlet is always active on social media and replies to everyone, even the offensive comments. Fans often ask her about her personal life on social media.

Many times, her husband Umair Gular was fat-shamed and trolled by many. People are even denouncing her as a home-wrecker and gold-digger. This time, Ghana was asked why she married a married man in a Q/A session on Instagram.

The Dil Ruba actress didn’t lose her calm and replied in a very kind way. She said,

“Because it was my destiny, and I don’t regret it, he is an amazing human being.”

Ghana Ali’s husband Umair was married for 5 years with his first wife and has a son. Their pictures went viral on social media soon after the Bhool actress announced her marriage. Then the keyboard warriors start blaming her instead of the man who married someone else. This is just the thought process that stems from patriarchy.

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