This is What Shahrukh Khan’s Rs. 200 Crore Mansion Looks Like [Pictures]

A Castle Fit for King Khan

Bollywood’s Badshah Shahrukh Khan has a pretty impressive brand. In an iconic cinematic career, the actor’s name has become synonymous with fame, romance and yes a lot of money.

King Khan is one of the most bankable actors in Indian Hindi cinema and one of the highest paid actors in the game.

With the fame of a King, its only fitting his castle match up to that image. King Khan’s Mumbai residence called Mannat is a INR 200 crore luxurious mansion that overlooks the sea.

Back in the 1990s Mannat belonged to a Parsi man of Gujarati-origin, Keeko Gandhy. It was called the Villa Vienna during that time.

Gandhy knew SRK as a neighbor. The actor bought the house from Gandhy in 2001 for INR 13.32 crore (equivalent to INR. 350 crore today).

Mannat is one of the most sought residences in the world. It’s listed as the 10th top house in the world.

More Details about Mannat

Mannat is a bit of a tourist spot, if not for the mansion’s breath-taking beauty but because people want to flock there to catch a glimpse of Shahrukh Khan.

The home has an amazing interior, designed by Ghauri Khan herself, given she’s an interior decorator. The lovely interior wasn’t what it is today.

The house has two giant living rooms interconnected with a system of elevators; an entire floor designated as a playroom; a library; a private bar; an entertainment center; a lavish lounge; a kitchen; a boxing ring, a swimming pool; and a series of offices and studios.

There’s a special area in the house where all of SRK’s awards are displayed. The area was first shown in the movie Fan. In fact, it is also the first movie to be filmed inside Mannat.

The lavish mansion actually holds a lot of sentimental value for SRK.

“The most difficult job I have done in my life is buying this house. I always tell my colleagues that they can take away everything, my money, my cars, but not my house. It’s for the safety of my family, it’s for my children.”


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  1. While STL is a wonderful actor and donates handsomely to charity organisations, the focus on his lavish lifestyle comes into focus.

    But that’s okay but it should not mean the main focus in one’s life.

    GOD does not judge us on our material wealth and also not on our deeds, but what is in our hearts.

    All the best Shah Rukh and continue making great movies!

  2. Agree with Ingrid Ishmael with little difference that intention (whats in heart) is wonderful and action is also desired don’t mean acquiring mansions. It will b dubbed as jealous but mansions are irrelevant to common people.