‘Tere Bin’ Disappoints Fans Again But Promises Massive Twists in Next Episode

But promo seems to be promising with a twist!

The popular drama serial, Tere Bin, is still gaining TRPs and top-ranking viewership even though the serial has become boring with pointless dragging and quite a lot of flashbacks. This week’s episodes also didn’t live up to the hopes of fans.

In the last two episodes, only a few things were new. One, Meerub (Yumna Zaidi) gets pregnant, and the other was that the strangers in whom house she was staying got know about the truth because of her lies.

And now the fans are even more furious and infuriated after watching the promo of episode 55. They are hating themselves for investing time in Tere Bin.

In the promo, when Maa Begum was persuading Haya to a marriage proposal, Murtasim came to her and stopped her from doing this, saying, “I’m ready to marry Haya”.

Fans are saying that Murtasim’s proposal for Haya is the biggest low of this show. They all are bashing Tere Bin’s production team for ruining the whole serial.

This trending series has captured the attention and hearts of viewers with its compelling storyline, stellar performances, and an array of emotions that keep audiences hooked from the start but then faced a lot of criticism due to its controversial content. After the warning of PEMRA and backlash from the audience, they changed the content, now the drama is not so interesting anymore.

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  1. Ab tery bin ko khtam kr dyna chaiye inithai fazool bakwas ho chuka hay writer se story sambhali nahi ja rahi alif liala aur kaly phar k peachy tota aur sehzadi ki khani is se behtar hay