• corporate wars

    i m a big fan of your blog.. but why are trying so hard to be geo tv…

    i mean breaking into a not so official plan doesnt make u cool.. it only makes u to a party to an immoral activity .. i mean.. isnt it practically robbing someone’s strategy…

    i wonder if your “war on piracy” has any light to be shown on such.. Breaking News Thing ..

    please do share who is the “jack-ass” sharing sensitive information in mobilink!!.. because it is criminal and you are part of it.. lets see if you let this entry grace your ..otherwise great blog!1

    • Leaked information is covered in print media and online as well.

      In fact government provides a cover for such things (in west) – TechCrunch and Engadget are couple of such examples.

      And telecom companies know well that we don’t publish many stories just because of ethical obligations.

      Whatever the case is, i have noted your input – and it will be taken into consideration, for making any further decisions.


  • stranger

    that’s not really a handsome offer , daily charges of Rs.7.20, what for? that’s why i don’t like such ridiculous offers by cellular networks around, before it was habit of warid but after introducing Glow , i am happy with it, i think cellular are lake of introducing handsome offers.
    i think and i am sure the purpose is now only to earn big money, customer’s satisfaction is no where!

  • corporate wars

    well..thanks for consideration.. you are doing a fine job.. just do it with out offending the industry :)

  • Shahzad Khan

    Package is confirm now thay are showing it on balance Check USSD *111#

  • zuhair

    yar !!
    7 rupe kyun girte he
    2 rupe gire na

    mobilink mein yeh kharabi he

  • Aslam Khan

    Daily charges of Rupees 7.20??? For what? Thats stupidity i think, DJUICE has a better offer of Rs 3.5 for friends and family and at very low daily charges. do check outfor details http://telecompak.com/2009/08/14/djuice-din-raat-aik-rate/