• Syed

    How much volume will be reqiured for 1 hour of daily voice chat over msn, yahoo or gmail..

    • Better check the Qubee planner to find out : – )

      In my opinion, one hour of chat should not exceed 15 MB of data transfer

      • umm, Amir bhai in my opinion it should be around or over 10 mb per hour

        as voice channels are usually either 4 or 8 kb meaning

        4 kb/seconds * 3600 seconds(1 hour) = 14400(14.4 mb approx)

        depends on voice quality and voice data transferred and received, the above calculation is maximum for a 4 kb channel.

        • yea – i thought syed asked for text chat – my bad

          • Syed

            I asked for voice chat only, without video, thx

          • sherry

            aamir bhai aap se 1 baat poochni thi… reply me on my msn..

  • qaiser94

    any body can tel me the price of nokia 6700 classic.?

  • Asad

    Qubee the best. They people also introducing prepaid thing aswell.

  • Sam

    In the US, the MAX wimax speed is 5 Mbps.

  • i don’t like there customer support…

  • Cpt.Nasir

    guyz there customer care is the best, go to their stores they have very nice people, caring ppl. i have been to one of their stores at Shaheed e millat and i loved it, they were so caring young guys. lets first experince and then comment.

  • abuhuzaifa

    The peoples of Direct sales team of QUBEE are very nice one of them contacted me and provided QUBEE connection.

  • abuhuzaifa

    The peoples of direct sales team are very professional and efficient one of them sold me connection at my doorstep,its very nice

  • mubashir

    Hi.If any one wants Qubee connection in Lahore. Can call me on this number at any time. 03124133404. Thx