Qubee and Tune.pk Join hands in Partnership

Qubee, part of Augere Pakistan Pvt. Limited, has formed a partnership with Tune.pk.  Tune will act as the official digital video content partner for Qubee as it tries to extend its reach on digital platforms.

Augere Pakistan Pvt. Limited is a broadband service providing fast, reliable and competitively priced broadband internet to residential and small business customers across Pakistan.

Along with creating their own channel on Tune.pk, Qubee will also be working on a cross brand strategy that would recognize Tune.pk as its go to social media partner along with Facebook and Twitter.

Tune.pk is Pakistan’s largest video sharing website, with a motive to entertain its users with a variety of videos. On Tune.pk, you can upload funny videos, dramas, trailers and much  more.

Jahanzeb Hasan the CEO of Tune.pk was quoted as saying,

“We realize there is a vacuum in the market. Customers are more engaged when you serve them video content on social media platforms.  We want to work on providing all the brands with a video channel of their own. Hopefully this is the first of much such partnership’s you will hear about”.


  • i suspect tune.pk and such other video streaming sites which emerged after ban of yt in pakistan are behind the ban on youtube , bribing our greedy politicians.

    • youtube is death for local streaming sites. once the ban is removed , these streaming sites will eventually vanish.

      • According to your theory, if Gmail is providing good email services, then Yahoo mail and Hotmail should not exists. Grow up man! Tune.pk is a great website and their services are very good. They just need to improve their search algorithm.

        • do u think our politicians are too religious to hold ban on yt just on religious base? come on. most of them can’t even recite a verse of Quraan.

          • Tune.pk gets its 45% traffic from all over the world… it serves over 100 million videos a month, and ranks among top 1400 websites in the world out of 400 million websites… it doesn’t have any fucks to give if the ban on youtube remains or lifted.

  • Thats a good theory but a vague one because it would have made more sense had these other websites (daily motion, tune.pk) were Pakistani made. But thats not the case.

    Also, ban on YouTube was entirely political. On what level, that i cannot say. But it was surely not because of ‘objectionable’ content.

    • my theory might be vague , bull shit or crap but this is the truth. un-banning yt will cause death to businesses of many politicians .

      • truth? Its an assumption at best. And would you mind letting me know what kind of businesses you think will be closed if YouTube is unblocked? I am genuinely curious.

        • all the video streaming websites which emerged in Pakistan after ban on youtube. i am quite sure few politicians own some of these sites and won’t let remove the ban on yt. well that’s my theory/truth/assumption, be least bothered about it :-).

          • Seems true, but do you think Pakistani Pendoo politicians know something about that kind of business?
            “Video Streaming Websites”
            If its true why they are not banning access to fb and starting a social networking site, Or an E-mail client against gmail/Yahoo? why Vid Sharing sites only?

            • it’s just a start bhai, kuch arsa mein apko fb aur twitter par ban lagny ki khabrain milna shuru hojyengi.

    • tune.pk is 100% Made in Pakistan, by the Pakistanis, whose only job is to ensure that a platform shall exist which does not dictate to Pakistanis about what beliefs they shall have…. it is a platform which always will be telling the Pakistan version of the story.

      The technology behind it is created by a team who started working from their living rooms, and is currently powering over 25,000 other websites in the world…. just normal boys, who have not met any politician in their life ever!!

      No politicians own it, neither have any politician ever showed any interest in owning it. Its so big already that probably any politicians cant afford to buy it any more.

      Moral of the story … if you dont know about something, dont try to assume bullshit….

  • Tune.pk tries its best to make partnership with top talk shows and drama websites like zemtv and dramasonline , they gained traffic on their behalf and now they are using youtube search and fetching videos from youtube illegally. This news is only a promotion of both companies but actually its only just like making an account on any website.

    Grow up idiots

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