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Punjab Gets its First Center for Land Record Management Information System

By  | 18, Jun 2012 | 25 Comments

547067 407598235945455 1106462174 n thumb Punjab Gets its First Center for Land Record Management Information SystemChief Minister Mian Shehbaz Sharif has inaugurated the first Land Record Management Information System (LRMIS) Service center in Lahore.

With Land Record Management and Information System (LRMIS), government of Punjab will digitize all land records of the province, due to which people will not only get rid of corrupt mafia but it will create conveniences in transfer of properties and getting ‘Fards’.

With the inauguration of At LRMIS service center, and more in pipeline in at least 11 districts of Punjab, customers will be offered to obtain fard malkiyat and other relevant documents and details of a property within 30 minutes, that too without any mishandling at the hands of Patwaris. Also, transfer of a property (with verification) can be done within 50 minutes.

The state of the art digitized land record system, already being worked at in 11 of the Punjab districts, will put an end to the vicious patwari system and the loot and plunder of the land mafia.

Reports say that the operational staff for Land Record Computerization Project is being recruited through the Punjab Public Service Commission without any role of Patwari and Tehsildars.

Inaugurating the service center, CM got details of a property verified himself from a service counter by obtaining a token, paying Rs. 50 verification fee and giving his thumb impressions 4 times.

A camera at the counter, set by default to take a snapshot of the customer, took CM’s picture too to put the verification of the property details by the CM on record.

More information on Land Record Management and Information System (LRMIS) is available here:

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  • Buy or Sell

    A great initiative by khadim-e-Aala

    • MoMoo

      Not Only this, there are alot more …..

  • Rez

    Thanks to PTI i guess! without them constantly whining about patwaris, PML would have never taken such an initiative.

    • Kashif

      My father worked as “registery moharrar” responsible for almost same like patwaries do, and he told me 3 years back that shehbaz sharif is working to computerized this all process so its not because PTI I think. I am also member of PTI but this is what I know so I want to let everybody know about this.

    • Ahmed

      OOo please stop giving credit to PTI for everything good done by Punjab Government, ye is liay howa ky Imran Khan ny kaha tha…People of Pakistan wanted such things even before Imran Khan and PTI.
      Without anything done by PTI, you are giving them credit which is very silly.

  • Fakhre alam

    Lol yeah @ rez. I agree . Seat khali karo bhai jan. Imran khan ki bari hy. Ap k din khatam hojate hain toh achay achay kaam karna shuru kar detay ho. Lanat hy. Bijli ka masla kab khatam karogay? Akhiri month mein?

    • Ahmed

      Salute to your ignorance, Electricity/WAPDA are under control of Federal Government not Punjab Government. 2nd if you keep your eyes open, this system didn’t come in effect in a day, it was started when Shahbaz became CM, all old record is first computerized and it took years.

  • mazlom bacha


  • Awaz Badmash

    People should thank PTI because of whom Punjab government introduced this computerized land record.

    People will surely benefit from this.

    • Ahmed

      Tell Imran Khan to solve Electricity, jobs, Education and all other major problems like this, sitting out of Government and without getting a government….if you want to give every silly reason to give credit to PTI for every good thing done by Punjab Government.
      By the way this system was planned and worked on in years, even before Imran’s first jalsa.

  • Imran

    Totally agree with Rez. anyway good work CM punjab

  • Saddam

    Very nice…. I really like that.

  • Junaid

    LOL.. due to IK. that’s funny when some one try to give credits to IK.
    Thats very old project of Punjab Government (not shahbaz sharif). My friends used to work as data entry operator during 2006-2007 to computerized land-records (they are not direct employees of Punjab Governments. Punjab governments give contracts to private companies).

  • Baaghi

    Qadam Barhao Shahbaz Sharif……..
    Ham IMRAN KHAN K Sath Hain………

    Bohut Loot Lia Mulk Ko, Ab Chutti Karo……..

    Ittefaq Foundaries, a Defaulter of 4 crore. Ittefaq Foundaries has not paid electricity bill for 109 months and their connection has still not be disconnected(DCN)???????
    (Minar-e-Pakistan pr tent laga kr daramy bazian band kro)

    Awam Ko Bewaqoof banana Choor do aur awam ki jaan choor do, Sb Thek ho jay ga…….

    • Ahmed

      Link doesn’t show any name of Shahbaz Sharif. Verify before you post wrong information to defame anyone.

      • Baaghi

        First, go and ask any small child that who is the owner of Ittefaq Foundaries, and then come back to me. Pls grow up!

  • Muzamal


  • Pakistan Classified Ads

    Computerizing the things is nice and Each and every Gov sector should be computerized so that the public can get benefit from it.

  • Babar Haq

    Looks good. In the pictures there is this window which I cant stand :) It should be more open like the NADRA ones. Just my two cents!

  • Usama Siddiqui

    Jis party ka apna rukan Ch.Nisar patwari k sath uthta bethta ho wo kya ye sub cheezain honay dai ga? Kya computerized system se patwari khatam ho jayen gay? NHE!BILKUL BHE NHE! CM chahay computerized system layen ya koi aur jab tak GodFather(Mr.Bean)ka haath patwari per hai un ka kuch nhe biger sakta.

  • Waseem

    Nice step by CM. But my vote for IK because he is better option that PMLN

  • Bilal

    This project was started about 4-5 years ago , and it took much time in its completion due to delays caused by patwaris.PTI has nothing to do with it.
    Its useless and unfair to give credit to PTI for anything good happening in the province.

    • Shahid Saleem

      I agree.

  • abdul hameed

    well done shehbaz sharif i also request to CM please start this system in kala shah kaku.

  • zia

    great CM