Mar 18, 2014


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  • Zahid Butt

    At last some one started it :)
    Thanks to HBL

    • Langra

      No, UBL already started this service few months ago.

      • Zahid Butt

        I didn’t know that.

        • Navy

          UBL one is very expensive. One time Joining Fess. Then annual fix fees. The high%age Fees on per transaction. Let u see what HBL has

  • Shan Ali Khan

    waiting for MCB !

    • Zahid Butt

      MCB is already DOWN!

      • Zaayer

        It’s down due to upgrade of core banking system. MCB is launching it’s e-commerce gateway very soon!

  • taimur

    UBL has go-green but very very expensive

  • Tony

    I opened a
    HBL account when I was studying in high school. The account opening year was
    sometime before 1970. I left Pakistan in
    1980 and when I was back in Pakistan in 1990, I went to the Habib Bank Ichhra branch
    in Lahore to close the account. Because I
    was not using that account and did not need the hassle.

    One bank
    officer gave me one sincere suggestion and said that, “Sir, you have our
    customer for so many decades. Do not close (if you don’t have to) and stay with
    us even if you use it less”. I was affected by his sincerity and decided to not
    close the account.

    Recently, I
    wanted to start using it more and found that I had lost the check book. For the
    last three months I have been talking with HBL HQ people and the HBL branch
    people to get the checkbook. They have all kind of policies/SOP to quote, which
    keeping adding to multiple letters, NOCs, being present in Lahore (while I work
    in Karachi). All of that has consumed
    lots of time and given lots of stress without helping a customer.

    Alas! How much
    values have changed at HBL. Now people are serving policies instead of improving
    policies to serve genuine customers. I do not remember the name of the bank
    officer who requested me, in 1990s, to not close the account. If I remembered that
    professional, I would tell him, “sorry for disappointing you because now I am
    going to close this HBL account.

  • Mustafa Syed

    When such news are shared it would be beneficial to give the detail/mechanism of the service rather than sharing shallow statements by VIPs.

    • Rafiki

      well this service wont work they cannot afford the risk of fraudulent payments + their employee are too dumb to facilitate the users !

  • Syed

    Tell what will HBL charge? UBL is very expensive.

  • Sadia

    Which bank have best online pay ment card service

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  • Jalil Ur Rehman

    Dear Sir I want to conect my HBL Debit Card with my Paypal Account but they want verification. I have also verified my HBL Account but problem not handled..
    please suggest me.
    jalil ur Rehman
    Email: jalil9099@gmail.com

  • Jalil Ur Rehman

    please suggest my how to conact my paypal account with my hbl debit card. computer need verification of card, which is also verified.