3G iPhone and Nokia N95 – A Comparison for Pakistani Users

I have previously discussed the availability of iPhone in Pakistan, emergence of 3G iPhone and its craze that we have been witnessing in Pakistani consumers, now i thought of presenting a comparison 3G iPhone and Nokia N95.

As we know well that 3G iPhone or even its earlier version are good enough when it comes to data services, but a gadget lover in Pakistan can not wholly rely on the data features that 3G iPhone offers while compromising with other features such as GPS, 5 MP Camera, Video Capturing etc.

Check out below table that compares the features of 3G iPhone and Nokia N95

Apple 3G iPhone

Nokia N95

Operating system Mac OS X Symbian S60
3G No Yes (HSDPA-enhanced)
Camera resolution 2 megapixels 5 megapixels
Browser Safari Nokia Web Browser with Mini
E-mail Displays HTML-rich; Push
Music player iTunes RealPlayer / Nokia Media
GPS Yes Yes
Touchscreen Yes (multi-touch sensors) No
Screen 8.9cm (320×480 pixels) 6.4cm (240×320 pixels)
Weight 133g 120g
Memory 8GB/16GB 160MB
Processor speed Unknown 330MHz
Expansion slot None microSD (Maximum 2GB)
Replaceable battery No Yes
MMS (for sending pictures and video) No Yes
IM (instant messaging) No Yes
Video calling Yes Yes
Video capture No 640 x 480 (30 frames per
VoIP No Yes
YouTube Yes Yes
User can install 3rd-party apps No Yes
Accelerometer changes screen orientation when
Yes No
Spell checker Yes Yes
Ambient light sensor (dims screen in low
Yes Yes
Proximity sensor (turns screen off when put
up to your ear)
Yes No
Video output to TV Yes Yes
Visual voicemail Yes No
Threaded SMS Yes No
Browse music by album covers Yes No
Flickr integration No Yes
Supports stereo Bluetooth (A2DP) Headset Support Only Yes
Locked to carrier Yes No
Prices Rs. 50,000 plus (expected) Rs. 35,000

Clearly visible that N95 can be a better phone in Pakistan than of 3G iPhone with 5MP Camera, Bluetooth, third party application, MMS, many audio and video supported formats and so on. But if you are addicted to touchscreen and navigation ease that 3G iPhone offers, then 3G iPhone is your certani choice.

Mr. Asim who used iPhone for some time, states in his blog that he has come back to Nokia N95. He has collection of reasons for doing so, which are as following

  1. With N95 you can send/receive files on N95
  2. DVD like video Recording
  3. 5 MegaPixel Camera
  4. Internal GPS and Nokia excellent Sports Tracker Application
  5. Bluetooth A2DP Profile (Stereo)
  6. Copy and Paste (Major Bummer)
  7. I can view www.bbcurdu.com (Not possible on iphone)
  8. I can stream into realplayer
  9. I can now use blacklist program
  10. Voice Recoder which records telephone calls too.
  11. Caller Name Playback when you receive call (Excellent Feature! Without picking the phone I know who is calling me)
  12. Voice Activated Calling ( Simply Speak; the phone will identify the contact and call)
  13. Picture Slide show (Pan and Zoom) with Music (Why iphone does not have this feature)
  14. Picture Editor
  15. Easy transfer of Pictures and Songs (Not through complicated iTunes)
  16. and finally lots n lots of good software and 3D games!!!

You may also look at following video that compares iPhone and Nokia N95. The video actually backs me that Nokia N95 can be a better option for basic telephony features

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • The screen rotation feature that you rightly mentioned here is missing in N95, but they’ve added it by default in N95 (8gb). News is that the next firmware may feature this in N95 as well. For now RotateMe works, just another advantage of 3rd party software installation capability in N95.

  • Few corrections in the info:
    iPhone 3G has 3G!
    Push email from MS Exchange servers and sort of push email from me.com (previously known as mac.com)
    IM is available using free apps – like AIM and Palringo (MSN, Yahoo, ICQ, etc.)
    Video Calling – No

    Till the iPhone is jailbroken to accept 3rd party sim cards it’ll be quite expensive to own and use in any other than the authorised country with authorised carriers.

  • I have iphone 3g 16gb(4m australia) & nokia n73. for iphone i jail breaked and unlocked it now it has far better softwares & games then nokia u can find thousands of cracked applications. i believe that iphone is very much overpriced it have really poor camera & exteremly unwanted limitations(if not hacked). while n73 is awesome lots of games especially n-gage 2 games & 100s of softwares but u have 2 hack n73 to install most of cracked applications. overall nokia is cheap and have really good cameras

  • does the iphone have msn?
    and if you buy a iphone in pakistan and bring it to sweden will it work?

    and i think nokia n95 and the iphone are pretty the same but iphone is more popular and more good looking

    but if it was up to me i would take both of them!!

    but if i had to choice one of the it would be the iphone!!

  • Some more details on iphone 3G. It has 625MHz ARM processor and 512MB of on board RAM. The graphics has no equivalent, and above all the big screen with high end graphics make it the most amazing ipod ever.
    I have over 50 high-end 3D graphics games running on iphone 3G from AppStore for free. Which can never run on N95. There is no match to the third party applications as they are in millions. GPS with realtime updates for traffic, your location and any restaurants around you.

    Works like a charm if you happen to use terminal and control your linux server from your phone. No comparisons to http webserver, sftp server, ssh, torrent downloading etc etc. (list goes on…)

    This is not an ordinary phone and not for ordinary ppl. It is stylish, powerful (twice as fast of N95) and has superior browsing and email service.

  • A lot of these specs have no basis for comparison. For example, 3G and HSPDA…these are both esentially 3G operator based functionalities and cannot be used in Pakistan at the moment. Visual Voicemail is also an operator based function, therefore should not be in the comparison. A lot of other functions such as video recording, IM, MMS, flicker integration, etc are available via apps and are much better on the iPhone than the N95. A lot of the information here is incorrect…for example 3rd party apps….there are more than 50,000 authorized apps on Apples App store and thousands more on 3rd party repositories. In comparision Nokia only has about a thousand apps…there is no comparison when it comes to 3rd party apps. A2DP is a bluetooth standard for stereo bluetooth…the only application is headsets!

    In conclusion, the iPhone is a much superior device than the N95, especially after the 3.0 software which will add over a hundred new featurs. The Touch screen vs Physical keys debate is simply a matter of preference.

  • I’d like to say that you always offer us reader’s precise information and I have been an continued reader of your site for quite some time. Just wanted to say thanks definitely for all the good work you do!

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