A Message from PCA (Pakistan Cyber Army)

I got this email from PCA (Pakistan Cyber Army, who recently hacked http://www.ongcindia.com/ – Indian Oil and Natural Gas website) about how they hacked Indian website and what exactly made them hack it. Email is pasted below

Note: I am displaying this email as it is, without any editing.

okay now everybody listen

First of all why were Indian sites defaced by us?

HMG has been playing around with Pakistani communities and websites for a long time now and on the top of that they are thinking that Pakistanis can’t do anything?

LOL dude get a life. These defacement’s were not dedicated for the fame of our group name PCA. Pakistan Cyber Army this group name was created right 5 minutes before we defaced these websites. This means we don’t have any intention to spread our names nor we need to show our skill levels. This is just a matter of our nation Pakistan.

We cant stop HMG from defacing our websites … all rite go deface some more..don’t come in forums and say we are crying and can’t do anything..we don’t have time for this **** seriously.. and yea … back off.. otherwise we really need to take out some time.. and as we said before ..smoke your doors off till u burn to ashes. (no offense )

OH the defaced websites got fixed?

All the people who think that anyone can control a website permanently if you break into it.. they are wrong.. there is no such way you can control a website completely. You can put your page for a period of time , until the owner of that website sees it and because he has the hosting control he is the only real owner no matter how deep you can go into it. So it has to get back to normal page anyways. that’s why screen shots are used


LOL all the Pakistani’s should really be proud of this. First of all ..instead of bringing the site to the normal page, they are putting their messages on their own Indian websites HAHAHAHA lol anyways never mind ..

hacking a website again is not a big thing, anyone can do this if you are sure about the existence of a vulnerability in a website.

HMG hacked our oil and gas website.. that was a random act..

Our attack was planned , and dedicated to their OIL AND GAS website which makes sense plus it shows we Pakistanis can do it.

see we are white hats, don’t force us to show our black hat sides , that be really bad.



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