The Paisa War is @ Peak Now

In my recently published columns, I had predicted that the war of advertising in mobile sector will increase and companies will fight for every customer. During last two weeks, we can sense the growing competition reaching a level where cellcos’ are fighting for Paisas now and everyone is claiming lowest call rates.

Zong Aims to beat the Big One

We know that Zong is engaging Mobilink from Day one. In its most recent move, it has responded to Mobilink’s 68 Paisa package in a punching way. Zong’s way of TVC is a matter of threat for Mobilink – Zong’s 65 Paisa TVC literally smashed Mobilink’s 68 Paisa campaign.

Despite the fact that current economic situation doesn’t allow low pricing but we know that this doesn’t matter much for Chinese and they beat the competition with low rates.

No SamJhota… A Move Overshadowed

When Mobilink introduced its No Samjhota TVC, it didn’t seem like that others will attack this campaign specifically. But due to extensive campaign, not only on electronic but also in print and outdoor mediums, we quickly saw a reaction.

Lately, Mobilink is playing its coverage campaign; I believe the only thing left with Mobilink to advertise – which is in fact a good strategy to remain in the eyes without investing much on packages.

Ufone 3 Minute Package

At this time, Ufone is airing 3 TVCs on different TV channels, which include coverage, dormant connections and 3 minute package campaigns.

I would like to appreciate the theme of 3 minute TVC. Campaigns’ closeness with nature and song “Ab tu Aadit c hay 3 Minute Baat Kernay ki” is buzzing the customers.

Telenor Persona

Telenor is on with its classy, delicate and impressive post-paid campaign. In the race of post-paid, Telenor is enjoying competition less environment, and one can easily assume that they will capture handful amount of share in post-paid segment.

Warid has nothing to offer.

At a time when we have heard a good financial support for Warid from its parent company, you may wonder that they Warid is out of this competition. When Zong, Telenor, Mobilink and Ufone are fighting hard to secure their customers and business Warid is enjoying deep sleep. We know that they have consumed their advertising budget though badly planned campaigns earlier last year.

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  • Absolutely right. The paisa war is on and ZONG is pursuing it like hell.

    When ZONG was launched back in election days, they have came up with ads on major newspapers. Back in those days, nobody in advertising world was commending this launch in those days. Cz they have printed 4 pages (full pages) Ad of ZONG. It cost them straight aways 1 crore in one newspaper. So, you can judge by its launch that its having some huge investment in marketing department. And waisay bhee.. i hope everyone knows SALMAN WASAY!!!

  • Oh I wish ISPs would indulge in such warfare as well so that reduced prices get more and more people on board!! i kno a lot of people only avoid dsl cos of big money involved and the free dialup by the likes of WOL and other isps is a good effort but we need more from DSL AS WELL!!!!!

  • I was wondering about the ufone number porting ads. This is one of the first ads I have seen by a mobile phone company that features a phone number with 3 digit mobile code (i.e the seperator is after first 3 digits).

    Now as you are aware for a few months now mobile numbers have a 3 digit network code and 8 digit subscriber number. But so far most mobile phone companies haven’t bothered to highlight this change. Surely Ufone’s ad is a significant development given the craze (and cash) behind premium mobile phone numbers.

  • Jazz Budget is charging 82 pasia/30 seconds. tax included..which is quiet big enough… and they said no hidden charges while chking the balance amount..

  • Although Ufone is offering 3 minute pakage but it is deceiving people saying 66 paisa per minute in big words rather than 2 Rs. per 3 minute. And, fact is that people who usually call for short messages won’t like 3 minute package much and will be attracted by ZONG and Mobilink especially when they have GOOD SMS packages too. Telenor remains third and Warid/Ufone fourth to me.

  • i think moblink are going on right direction because i see many ads of moblink which are unique and other companies are copying their ad or they launching thier offensive ads against moblink.

  • yes mobilink for sure after even the sms bundle offers i think they plan everything first do their research and then promote and markett themselves.the planning of their budget is done vigilantly unlike zong…..they wait for mobilink to come up wid a tvc so they can easily copyy and present the lousiest TVC to us…..Mobilink promotes itself differentlyyy may be at times the offers are similar to other providers but still they do stand out.

  • among all the telcos i would make telenor stand out in every aspect….even their tvcs and i gues they were the first ones to come up with the ik paisa offer. and then everyone stood in the line…Presently their Persona addons are goiing great…i like mostly all the packages..there is alot of choice and the strategy behind is planned according to their customer satisfaction

  • It was a prediction 2~3 Years back that call rates will come down to 40 Paisas for each Network. This war will go till the achievement of that Milestone.

    Afterwards, Mobile companies will be focusing their Network Quality, Customer Service and other business aspects rather than Commercial Wars.

    It is my personal opinion that time will come, when Mobile Companies will offer free Air Time but and earning the money by Mobile Marketing (Hope so As Soon As Possible) like Television Broad Casting & Free Email Accounts!

    Then we’ll be having huge number of Commercial Calls and Marketing Messages from Entrepreneurs.


    Mushtaque Asghar

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