Billboard and Hoardings Business in Pakistan: Current Scenario

billboard_pakistanWe have discussed various mediums of advertising showing slow trends in Pakistan. Today, I will focus specifically on outdoor media; where the situation is not different than other channels.

As per a survey that we conducted regarding empty hoardings revealed that at least 31 % hoarding and billboards businesses has fallen due to recession. On Murree road in Rawalpindi, from Fiazabad to Saddar, there are total of 200 small and big hoardings and billboards out of which 89 were found empty. Among these hoardings we noted that relatively bigger boards were FREE and available for TO LET. By the way, these large sized hoardings cost Rs. 7 to 8 Million per year on average.

Occupied boards were mainly featured multinational and telecom companies; in fact 8 hoardings carried Cellular products while one had Nokia handset on it.

Down the road, we observed that Chandni Chowk is worst effected region with 6 big FREE and Available hoardings. Similarly there were 7 empty hoardings at Laari Adda out of total 17 big and small hoardings there.

Telenor’s board on Jang Building retains its prominence; otherwise Mobilink has apparently invested heavily for outdoor with 68 Paisa promotion in Rawalpindi, Peshawar-Pindi Road and Pindi-Murrue Road. We know that Mobilink is displaying this 68 Paisa skins throughout the country with healthy visibility.

Through industry sources, we came to know that national, multinational companies and other local advertisers don’t bear handy pockets to invest in outdoor media during this recession. Resultantly there is a lowering trend in the hoarding rates.

We called “The sign 0300-8544331” (Number was found on multiple hoardings), where an official told us that market trends are clearly not good as they were before. Gentleman communicated us that hoardings which had rate of 10 million per year a year ago is now available at Rs. 8 million per year; even then we don’t have advertisers.

Recovery is the biggest problem now a days and even kanad (An advertising Agency) has over 7 crore in the market under receivables. Agencies are waiting and looking towards the government for their due funds… but we don’t see anything happening in this area in near future.

Mr. Riaz of “The Sign”, who has over 15 years of experience in outdoor advertising while speaking with us told that outdoor is in middle of nowhere – as we don’t see any direction, policy or strategy from Government to better the situation. “Due to cash crisis, I had to cut down my staff from 15 to 10 employees”, added Mr. Riaz. “Ad Voice” the second largest company for outdoor is undergoing almost similar situation.

In view of above mentioned situation, advertisers may find low priced bill boards. Other possible affects on BTL can be as following..

•    Hoarding Pricings are dropping and may go further down if situation remains unchanged
•    People from outdoor may move to other advertising fields
•    It may take at least one year for outdoor business to recover from recent recession
•    Cash inflow crisis is acting like poison for the outdoor industry

Let’s hope that the new financial year will bring good news for the businessmen and our economy.

  • Aminah

    very comprehnsive review – what about other cities? though i think situation is not indifferent there too

  • Tariq

    koi bacha bhi hay recession kay asar say ya nahi?

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  • Kashif

    Gr8 Information. but whats the main reason behind this. Lets take one service industry at a time. Cellular Services are facing cut throat competition. They are spending heaps on the advertisements in order to attract the customers. But these days, customers have so many options to chose from. These cellular companies should offer more realistic services to there customers rather than just advertising the services.

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  • Kashif

    very well written.
    I would like to add a bit more regarding the Political advertisements.
    The political parties currently are using the outdoor advertisement without any cost, which directly effect the revenue generation for the government.
    Like on Mall Road – Lahore…everywhere you see Nawaz and Shahbaz and so called Shahbaz Shareef son – Hamza Shareef.
    They are not paying anything for utilizing the advertisement space. So is Peoples Party…big gigantic billboards displaying Bilawal Bhutoo are everywhere in Lahore.
    If we have proper system implemented in our country, then we wont have such pests sucking the tax payers money.

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    I work in outdoor advertising company well all said in the article is true but the reason of such a recession is not due to competition infact this situation suits our business. The main reason behind the recession according to my point of view is the getting meagre buying power day by day. People are unable to consume over luxuries and it is even hard for middle man to meet the necessities of life. They prefer to keep their money safe although it will become powerless despite holding for future causes. Due to this reason a strong recession uphold and even future is not secured as per the going on policies which will have long lasting effect on the people like us.

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