Ali Zafar to Sing for Mobilink Now [Picture]


Ali Zafar, the latest entry in the Mobilink Jazz Family, is seen getting his “Jazz On” at a Mobilink Contact Centre. The superstar created a stir amongst the customers present as he reactivated his Jazz SIM to once again become a part of Pakistan’s largest cellular family.

Ali Zafar was Telenor TalkShawk’s Brand ambassador for past three years, before his contract expired last month. There went a huge discussion on this move by Mobilink to get Ali Zafar on board. Read here our yesterday’s post for more details on this.




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  • ali zaffar tou bhag gaya kalia ab kisi aur ko dhoondo!! ‘said by telenor’ HAHAHA

  • This is really a great news.A guy like Ali Zafar getting into jaaz family is really surprising.Anyway’s watch out for him.He will surely rock.

  • Every person wants a good status in life day by day as ali has done.
    Well done Ali.

  • Dear don’t use word ‘LOTA’ that was contract which expired.
    as HR it is hire and fire policy.

  • there is a marketing/media agnecy level change in Telenor and looks like they havn’t treated ali zafar well so he moved. whats the big deal. telenor or mobilink has not bought ali zafar for life. it is a relationship between company and the icon that keeps it live. paisy key liye..etc are immature comments.

  • What else can mobilink show than Telenor’s own brand guy coming back to mobilink. its the best message.very brilliant move

  • What impact it’ll create on the consumers?? That’s the question, will they consider to switch from telenor to Mobilink after him ??

    • exactly…. there must be some problem with tawlshawk…that is y…Aj se Jazz on hai….

  • ‘Wise’ Ali Zafar has given a message to ambassadors of other brands.
    Enjoy Life… It’s Only Once! :-)

  • Its all about jealousy……………

    Mobilink is the MARKET leader and everyone loves to the part of it……..

    and everyone tries to be at best place this what Ali Zafar has done………..

    Cheers Ali zafar


  • Ali zafar suits with telenor, lets see whats new he bring with mobilink over the media.

  • 3yr theen saal 1 company ka leye kaam karta raha aor ab bhag gia sala. Aliz Zafar is now Bhagora…

  • u hve done a nice job ALi…its ur right..and we also need a change …har waqt tou talkshak acha nahi lagta…waisay ad Alaaaa banae hay jazz nay..

  • li zafer did made a good financial move…but he should keep in mind that he is a Icon and Role model to people as well. He lost lot of respect in community… like Nadia Khan…

  • ali zafar has looses its credibility once again.. he was on mobilink star than on insta one than on telenor and now back to jazz

  • Ok here’s the inside story. Telenor delayed Ali’s payments for way too long and breached the contract. plus the new team was not professional at all with dealing and rude to his manager,so Ali said tata guys.
    It has always been that big companies use stars, think that they have bought them with their money and then throw them around.But they don’t know that there is a difference between a true artist and a bikaoo artist. this is the first time an artist stood up for his rights and pricipals and fought em over . way to go ali z !!!

  • Ali Zafar! congritulations, may Allah shower his blessings on you. Don’t forget an assigned duty to each citizen from the time he steps in teenage is that he is ambassader of his country and that too without any payment, rather he always pay for it, if he is a good citizen.

  • hmmmm so wats the moral of the story/comments that are given above me :)

    Moral: Dont trust Ali Zafar, tomorrow if zong gives him some more he will switch to zong. Ppl business is business but there shud also be some individual identity or others will definitely say that look there goes the LOTA. Ironically true dude.

  • Every one has an equal right to take a better opportunity provided it goes by the contract.

    I was also bit surprised to see Ali in Jazz Advertisement but i hope that this new development will create a healthy competition and collaboration. Telenor is full of creative thinkers and winners so no issues.

  • As a hardcore Telenor fan, m sad to see my favorite star leaving my fav brand. *sigh*

  • well i blv neither because of Ali Zafar some one choose Telenor nor some one choose Mobilink but puts wrong impact of the Artist as well as both of the Companies as
    for TELENOR
    1. why telenor has such Shacky contract that could not bound an artist for, lets say 6 months
    2. why they launched New commercial of talk shalk last month, if they know the contract will expire a month back
    3. why cant they entertain there brand embassoder so they could not effect on their repute.

    1. why they Hired a Lota person who is leaving another company he can leave MOBILINK as well
    2. instead of adding new actors, improve Services and rates which will increase its membership rapidly, as no doubt its wide cellular network but only those ppl are still using mobilink who are using it from that time when Mobilink was the only GSM company. younger Lot is not preffering mobilink because of its Terrif, rates and Ghum-Chakkar kind of offers.
    3. by only saying this that some one is back to us ppl will not impress as we all know mobilink ka to ghanta bhi 30 min ka hota hai

    For Ali Zafar:
    he might loose some of his Fan following by doing such act, if he would join Mobilink 6 months later ppl may forget that he had ever be in TeleNor.

  • its so obvious that all the people saying bad stuff about ali’s move are planted by telenor or their employees . Guys stop acting so childish . Your management made a big mess and now blaming it on him

  • well all the above arguments are worth reading with many of the opposite gender taking side of the handsome Ali, well it is true too cause he is undoubtedly a heart throb.

    The actual story is that the new guy in mobilink came from Nestle and had no experience with dealing with these gigglos ops stars, when this guy (Ali) blackmailed him to increase the amount he couldn’t handle the black mail and the very next day our dear Ali went to mobilink to struck a deal

    Do u find any resemblance here between a dealing that goes on in areas prefixed by the word “RED”

  • Nazish wrote best comments on it…….
    I totally agree with Hina khan.. there should be some moral values and Ali ignore this

  • First about moral value: when you are doing a job and you are enjoying a lot, suddenly after 2 to 3 months you get the chance to serve a better company with some good packages and i am 100% sure 95% of us will go for that. So please dont say that its immoral because its Ali Zafar’s job.

    i am not point out any one here its a human nature and nature cant be change. every one is searching for better job

  • Ali zafar has written about the brand switching in his blog. Here’s the relevant portion:

    “Oh and ofcourse the shift in brand. The blues and the Jazz ! Well i could assume that people would be shocked and confused and contrive various stories as to how and why it happened . Well hear it from the horses mouth.

    I had worked for telenor with dedication and sincerity that even they would vouch for and we shared a mutually benificial relationship for 3 years. But recently my last contract expired with them and i was offered a new one from Mobilink . Simple !

    Now i am also for the opinion that had the campaign come a few weeks or months later, it would’ve been easier to understand the dynamics but since i was flying out of the country to tour so we were only left with shooting the add before i left which meant asap . But i wish all the best to Telenor and it’s team and a happy farewell. Infact i would also like to appreciate those young boys and girls spending timeless hours at call centres and various other jobs, be it any brand, and hope that one day all those youngsters grow up to have their own companies :) As for the future … get ready to Jazz up !”


  • Let’s see how many people like Ali Zafar, if you are using telenor and like Ali Zafar then You must start using Jazz…But
    I’ve been usin telenor and not planning to cchange it means I hate Ali Zafar

  • yaar,
    it is not just telenor’s fault, the industry in pakistan has evolved very recently, and until a couple of years ago, using brand ambassadors was not the norm. in more mature markets companies sign a non-competitive agreement with their brand ambassadors so that they cannot work with the competition for a certain amount of time after the initial contract expires!

  • Well. Ali Zafar has very conveniently avoided the part in his blog about the blunders that telenor made . He seems to have chosen a path of humbless and harmony , whereas the true story is that he was not treated upto the mark by telenor . A company who hires the brand ambassador needs to know how to treat one. It can’t be a one sided relationship . As per my knowledge it wasn’t the money that pushed him away from telenor but actually telenor’s mismanagement, delayes in payments etc . Apparently telenor still owes him money . So if you’re talking about loyalty , then it cann’t just be from the artist’s side , has to be from the brand too . Hope Mobilink doesn’t do the same .

  • it is ok to have a change from one to another company, but what matters is the way how u do it

    if by blackmailing u want to get ur way then surely our dear star is a mess here, and all who like this kind of tactics will surely support him to the latter and spirit

  • salam main romasa ho ali zafar aasaa ka hi nahi sakta log tou jalty haan he is the best lm in love him

  • instead of adding new actors, improve Services and rates which will increase its membership rapidly, as no doubt its wide cellular network but only those ppl are still using mobilink who are using it from that time when Mobilink was the only GSM company. younger Lot is not preffering mobilink because of its Terrif, rates and Ghum-Chakkar kind of offers.

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  • Girls fall in love with the great khali as well hahha these girls are in love with a persone who has nothing to do with these girls stupid girls and as far as ali zafar move to mobilink then dear its v unfair telenor has given ali zafar the heightes of success so sad

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