Zong's Monthly SMS Package for PostPaid

We have come to know that Zong is going to launch a has launched another SMS package for Post Paid

You can now SMS as much as you want by subscribing to Zong’s postpaid SMS Bundle at just Rs 90.


Simply send a SMS <SUB to 700> and subscribe to unlimited SMS throughout your billing period.


  • Daily limit of 500 SMS applies, on exceeding 500 SMS in a day all SMS will be charged as per the tariff. To check the available number of SMS send a SMS <Limit> to 130.
  • In order to subscribe your number should be active & must have Rs 90 available in your credit limit.


To unsubscribe send a SMS “Unsubscribe” to 700.

  • Ramzan

    Now zong and telenor are one

  • Irfan Bilal

    This Would be not be the best sms package,but worth some value to the customers who want to get rid of the daily deduction.
    Zong is further competing with the other operators by offering various Value Added Services.such as GPRS at a reduced rate to uplift its subscribers base.

  • Shahzad Khan

    Package is now come but i got shocked because this package is only for postpaid subscribe
    Bad news

  • Imran

    Ufone is already offering monthly sms package (8000 sms) just in 80 rupees + tax. And its cheaper than Zong, because in Zong 90 rupees + tax for monthly sms package (8000 sms). So Ufone is always best. Keep enjoying with Ufone.

    tum hi to ho

    • Zee

      Wrong calculation Imran… 500×30=15,000sms … almost twice the ufone, for just rs.10 more.

  • Muhammad Ali

    The only good thing here is that users will no longer be required to go through the daily annoying practive of balance deduction

  • Muhammad Ali

    Any idea what will happen to the current SMS package, will it remain?

  • saad

    The daily deduction package is good 4 students, but the upcoming package will definitely increase its worth :)

  • omerfarooq

    Worst Monthly package.
    Compare it with Telenor’s Talkshawk Rs. 20 maximum 15 days.
    They should come up with more than 1 monthly package to give competition to Telenor.

  • Waqas Aziz

    Nothing new. This package is just same like Ufone’s sms package which is 8000 sms for Rs.90+tax.

  • AhmadNawaz

    Why we’re comparing there postpaid packages to the prepaid. Ufone package is for prepaid subscribers, while this one is for postpaid users.

  • Kamran

    Please Vote according to your own best choice to the following mobile fone network companies of Pakistan.

    1. Mobilink Jazz
    2. Telenor
    3. Ufone
    4. Warid
    5. Zong

    • Rajal 786

      No.1 mobilink jazz

      Always No 1

      • Chalak Kaka

        Bhai mujay pata hai ap tunz kar rahay ho, hai na?

    • Chalak Kaka

      currently Pak ka koi b mob network bura nahi, Telenor Mobilink good hain laiken Ufone,Zong,Warid best hain.

    • omerfarooq

      Ufone for their customer services,
      Telenor for cheapest rates

    • Zee

      1. Zong! :)

    • munni butt

      warid call rates is very high but zong rate is normal to other networks.

  • Imran

    Best r
    1. zong

    • Chalak Kaka

      Agree! Ufone is also my fav network but I am using Zong coz it is on Ericsson’s GSM equipment and I do not like Nokiasiemens

  • stranger

    enough yar….
    every1 is fighting on sms packages, who will reduce the call rates? as sms has become so cheap so nobody do much sms as compare to past , i think important issue is now best call rates, i think 1paisa per second to any network should be turned on, it would be good


    • omerfarooq

      The telecos would get bankrupt then-LOL!

  • Chalak Kaka

    Rumors around that Zong is preparing this type of SMS packages for prepaid Zong users as well.

    • Zee

      I hope they launch more of monthly sms pkgs.

  • Saqib Qureshi

    1- ZONG

  • Zee

    This is OLD NEWS! Zong launched this package 2 months back! And all this information is from their website… However, this package (like daily sms pkg of rs.3.99) has been updated and I am sure the charges are now rs.120… can anyone cofirm from zong helpline?

  • Haee… please someone tell this to Telenor. Their Persona SMS rates are killing me.

    • When it was said in a meeting, officer said “Telenor persona users do not care about their money flowing.”

      I know many telenor employee wants to know about me when I say their inside things here :D perhaps they also want to report about me.

  • Imran

    Mera number hai 03140000000 aur mera network hai Zong. Keun k main krta hun unlimted sms amd mms rozana vo bhi pakistan k kisi bhi mobile fone networks pr.

    Apna number Zong pr lao aur sab kah do

    sab kah do

    Aesi sim ka istmaal jurm hai jo aap k naam registered na ho

    P T A

  • hi ap sab ko ramadan mubarak

  • aslan

    Somebody please confirm that when is ufone launching the same type of package for its postpay users.
    Thank you

  • yasmeen

    1. Ufone
    2. Telenor

  • mani malik





  • munni butt