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zybThese days when mobile phone theft is on the rise, everyone tries to keep a backup of his/her mobile phone data. We already have services by Ufone and Telenor which let us backup our contacts but they charge us on monthly basis. Now the need of time is a free data backup service. That’s where steps in – A free mobile phone data backup service for all GPRS users.

It lets you keep a complete backup of your contacts, SMS, bookmarks and calendar entries online which you can easily transfer to any mobile in case of theft or if you change your mobile phone. The service is completely hassle free. The service is also free of any charges, you will only have to pay your vendor  for your GPRS data usage.

Nokia’s OVI also has a similar service. But if you compare Zyb with it then Zyb wins hands down. It has limit less features and are all easy to work out. No doubt it is one of the best free services out there.

It lets you store unlimited phonebook contacts, unlimited SMS, bookmarks and calendar alert services. It also automatically updates your data when you make any change on your mobile phone.

You can also send free SMS notifications to your contacts asking them to update their info in your online Zyb data. Zyb also provides wap and a phone application. Also, you can synchronize more than one device at the same time. You can also import/export your data from another Zyb account or from/to Outlook express. It also has a social community where you can share status updates, photos and and other data with your friends.

Lastly – You can also send 100 free SMS to your Zyb friends each month. So, just head over to Zyb and enjoy this service.

  • What about the zong users ?
    this dnt support zong i guess as it dnt have zong in the list.

  • I have been using zyb for the past 2 years approx it was the best option @ 1 point of time . Zyb had recently announced that it will not back up picture sms or calendar data therefore i would recommend dashwire, funmbol or Myphone (Microsoft beta) are far more better service.

  • Hi there,
    Who knows , its secure service or our important and personal data will not be misused.We shouldn,t rely onthis service for important data like phone contacts especially.

  • PhoneBook can’t be synced with my N80 :) ,They Say that it doesn’t support N80 @ present.

  • Hi my dears
    can i ask you why have you delete the name of my country from your list?pleas dont take politics to mobile phone backup
    with best regards peyman from iran

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