PTCL Employees get Bonus, Pay Raise

The Pakistan Telecommunication Company Ltd (PTCL) has approved financial benefits for their employees.

All employees of Grade 1 to 19 and equivalent will get bonus (including NCPG and NTC). They will get one basic pay with a minimum of Rs7,500 and a maximum of Rs15,000 and all daily-wage employees will be paid Rs7,500.

Special relief and allowances announced are effective from July 1st, 2009. Salary increase of all regular employees from grade 1 to 16 and NCPG will be at the rate of 20 per cent of basic pay and regular employees grade 17 and above will be at the rate of 15 per cent of basic pay.

PTCL spokesperson said that the management has always tried its best to facilitate the employees by providing them maximum possible benefits. “We have a strong desire to safeguard their interests and to provide them better working environment. Collective interest of all employees is our top most priority.”

It merits mentioning here that bonus and pay raise is achieved by PTCL employees after strikes and protests.

  • PTCL Management still threatening the employees who will not appear in the offices on 7th Sept.09. The raise/bonus/salary of Sept. will not be given to them and show cause notices will be issued to them.

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