Pakistan Ranks 9th in Global Mobile Markets – 1H 2009 Update

The Global Wireless Markets continued to grow rapidly especially in India and China where the carriers (together) are adding around 20M new subscriptions every month. China crossed the 700M subscriptions mark in July while India’s total went past 450 in Aug. Overall, the global subscriptions penetration is above 64%. During 2009, services revenues further tilted towards data services, increasing 21% from 2008 EOY.

For some leading operators, data is now contributing over 40% of the overall revenues. However increase in data ARPU is not completely offsetting the drop in voice ARPU for most operators. From the true and tested SMS messaging to the new services such as Mobile Advertising, Social Networking, Commerce, Mobile Wallet, and others, different services helped in adding billions to the revenues generated in 2009. US continues to lead Japan and China in total mobile data revenues by a healthy margin.

The top 10 nations by subscriptions are: China, India, US, Russia, Brazil, Indonesia, Japan, Germany, Pakistan and Italy.

Read the full report here or download PDF from here or Power Point presentation from here

  • Respected Mohsin Javed,
    In my opinion, yes its positive use in Pakistan because most of the users are mature. No doubt that is some misuse (specially by teenagers) but still majority of the cell phone users are using this facility in positive sense.

  • Despite a substantial mobile phone clientage we yet to have a company manufacture mobiles in Pakitan. If none then why any entrepreneur does not taks a lead or the govt herself. Nokia may not sell her franchise will but many others wilL

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