Is Telenor Scamming? Or Just Another System Bug in WebLounge?

Web Lounge website says that service gives its customers a detailed insight into their Telenor connection and helps them manage their account effectively. Telenor Subscribers can View call details, payment history, order duplicate bills, make a payment, and enhance deposit etc.

Weblounge’s this link is to buy new Telenor connections or to port into Telenor, while, Weblounge also offers current Telenor customers to sign-up their accounts for managing their connections through another url.

Here is the sign-up link

Now here is an issue that we just came across, that Telenor is letting everyone registering an account on its portal. With everyone I mean, Ufone, Zong, Mobilink customers can apply for the registration.

Web Lounge will send you a PIN as SMS on your non-telenor number to register – looks like system doesn’t check at all if the user is a Telenor subscriber or not and sends PIN.

Apparently, this is a system bug – but not really, as after sending your System gonna ask you about your network, and there are options for other networks too that you can select from. Which means Telenor has planned this thing, may be to collect valid information of mobile subscribers belonging to other networks – or there might be some other reason.


So portal will take all information, and will act normally, (even it says that you are almost done – just provide following information) until you login with your user name and password – where it will prompt you that you are not a Telenor subscriber and you can safely log off. (By the way, i had mentioned that i am a Ufone subscriber while filling the registration form).

Our point is, if this portal is not intended to entertain other networks’ subscribers, then why does it collect the information? like email address, phone number, name and others? Instead it should straight away communicate that this service is only for Telenor Customers.


We also contacted Telenor to get their verdict about this issue of information theft – however we are waiting for any viewpoint from their side.

Earlier it looked like a system bug, but now its evident that Telenor is deliberately collecting information of other mobile operators.

Only you can help us determine what should we call it? A planned information theft or just a system bug?

Update: Telenor, has responded to our query and said that the option of registration for all networks may not be fully functional yet, however, it has been included to support future services from our web platform and will help integrate all potential users.

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