PTCL’s Q1 Profits Shrinks on Lower Revenues

PTCL has reported 19 percent decline in first-quarter profit, reason: low revenues due to tough competition from cellular companies.

Financial statement said that company’s net income fell to 2.57 billion rupees ($30.7 million), or 0.50 rupee a share, in the three months ended Sept. 30, 2009 from 3.18 billion rupees, or 0.62 rupee, a year earlier. Statement further said that revenue fell to 14.5 billion rupees from 16.6 billion rupees in the same period last year.

It is evident that PTCL has not been performing well in recent times; in fact revenues are consistently going down. Experts say that this is due to loss of landline consumption thanks to cellular companies getting popular with time. On other side, PTCL has failed to boost revenues despite a line of products added in company’s portfolio, such as, DSL, EVO, IPTV and so on.

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  • Yes competition with cellular companies is main reason…ptcl is not giving good packages as compare to Gsm companies

  • Following are the main reason in revenue drop fall.

    1. Huge Salries of EVPs ( Rs. 3-6 Lakhs/month) and SEVP (Rs. 6-12 Lakhs/month); which includes DO NUMBER incompetent and in-expereinced team comprising of Mazhar, Nasrullah, Tahir Mustaq, Namatullah, Sikandr Naqi, and many many others.

    2. ARAB BUDDOOSS Team comprising of Walid Irshaid and his Arab team which are rejected lot in UAE and posted here to ruin PTCL. They are drawing Millions of Rupees in the name of “MANAGEMENT FEE”.

    If the above factors persist for some more time; the revenue will drop furthur, and PTCL ship will sink.

  • yeh this is sure to happen … dsl customers are no fool that they will fall for there pathetic services the experience of the customers with ptcl is so bitter that if they had the power to take this company down they would have done it…
    there financial reports are now showing the effects of there services as the customers are moving away from there lame services i myself have shifted away from ptcl to another isp and i am satisfied really and didn’t have any problem and even if i do there customer support is there round the clock and not to mention the never giving customer support of ptcl they will never pick up the call even if they did then they will transfer the call to supervisor who never picks it up…
    ptcl you are doomed….

  • every Pakitani former State owned companies have the same problem of over and incompetent employment. Take the example of PIA, continous hiring of people is being done despite the fact that it is already in employee surplus…

    But i would say PTCL broadband service is doing great.

  • Just today my PTCL’s exchange said that they are discontinuing their DSL in my area and send their guy to take modem.

    • No wonder they face loss even with more services because their exchanges aren’t performing well as I just mentioned.

      • Where you live, and in city area or where, its unbelievable how can they get back services from their valued clients

        and yes their exchange are not good, i ordered for smart tv on 3rd October and still i haven’t got it.

  • yes i was also using ptcl broadband it sucks because it disconnects a lot. now i have TAKEN QUBEE its services r very good till now.

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