Zong Consumer Promo

ZONG has introduced this offer that encourages its customers to put back their Zong SIMs to get incentives. It says

  1. The customer will be given 30 free on-net minutes when he/she reactivates the Zong SIM and dial 919.
  2. The customers will also get 50% free minutes on the amount of his/her monthly recharge from 6th November – 6th December.
  3. Reactivating subscribers will also get a chance to win a grand prize of Suzuki cultus by using his/her SIM everyday during the campaign period.

This offer came after Zong’s earlier Dormant subscribers offer. However, Zong on its website says that its an innovative and new thing…!

Who is qualified?

All Zong subscribers who have not used their Zong SIM since 1st August qualify for this campaign.
(The customer can check if a customer qualifies for this campaign by dialing 919)


  • This Offer is being launched for all prepaid packages.
  • Qualifying subscribers will be given their bonus within 7 days of dialing 919 from their Zong SIM.
  • All qualifying subscribers who use their Zong SIM everyday during the campaign period will qualify for the Lucky Draw.
  • Lucky draw for Suzuki cultus will be conducted in the month of December 2009.
  • Zong will only give out Suzuki Cultus as the lucky draw price and cannot be substituted for any other kind of prize.
  • MNP users can also avail this offer
  • The free airtime will expire in 10 days.
  • Duration of the campaign is 6th November 2009 – 6th December 2009.
  • If customer does not receive his Prize within time, CS will record the complaint and resolve it.
  • Govt. Taxes apply.

  • Muhammad Ali

    zong lyni pary gi mujhy….

  • orkut scraps

    its a late offer by the Zong. All other operators have already introduce such offer.

  • njm

    very late offer, and I guess there should be bonus on first recharge like 100% free balance on first recharge type thing.

    anyways, let’s hope for more attractive offer.

  • abbas raza

    cell 03143101428 contacted on phone and collected my personal information including my id card Number, on the pretext that i am winner of prize of 500000/- from zong. from find this number to save your customers from any mishap

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  • Thanks for your post! Are you really sure about what you say? I read something different on an other blog! I’ll share the link. bye!!