Loopholes in PTCL's Selling Strategy for New Connections

There was a time, when you had to search for internal contacts in PTCL for getting a landline connection. There was a term called “Demand Note”, which was necessary to be paid at the time of application and then you were given with a landline facility in weeks, months or even years, depending on authority of your contact.

If you remember, Fifty Fifty (a comedy show on PTV) made various parodies on PTCL, showing how lengthy and difficult was the process of getting a landline phone.

Couple of years back, PTCL changed its style by revamping its strategies; and came forward with a tagline of “Feel the Difference”. Company reformatted its policies for S&D (Sales & Distribution), Advertisement, Customer Services, Human Resources and many more.

If we talk about today, we see PTCL’s adverts on TV, newspaper saying “To get your new phone connection, dial 0800xxxxx and get new phone connection at your door step”, That is much appreciated selling technique that they have molded from the previous “Demand NOTE” culture to this new sort of connection acquiring.


PTCL has failed to deliver what it claims. No doubt that it has attracted the customer, but who is going to live with promises and no actions? We come across so many stories on daily basis, people asking us about their pending landline connection application for months.

Loopholes in PTCL’s Selling Strategy for New LandLine Connection

Contact Relevant Exchange adviseConfession of communication GAP

Some one is going to sell you connection on phone by acquiring your details but in the last minute of  conversation, representative will advise you to keep connected with your “RELEVENT AREA Telephone EXCHANGE” to get your connection as early as possible. This is a joke with customer infect this is confession regarding “Lack of communication” among departments and many other customer service faults.

Deadlines are Missed

The time given for a new telephone connection is 2 weeks, this is for almost the same for every service that you want to acquire, like PTCL LAND LINE PHONE, DSL and Smart TV.

The time they give to customer is not at all a promise from the company. This 2 week’s deadline can and cannot be met with equal probability, where as in competitive industry people are habitual to prepaid SIMS on time DSL connections.

Contact Center has no update on new telephone connection status – (Lack of centralized Information Management)

The contact center has no update regarding the current status of new phone connection application. They can just inform you that “Sir, it is actually due to some technical fault we are still not providing you telephone connection” soon, we will install you new phone connection and this “soon” come not so easily.

Though they might offer you some other product sale offers, like EVO and Vfone etc. You know this “LOLz” because what would be customer’s reaction? Not getting the current deal and being offered for another one – that’s wow.


All in all, the service being offered by PTCL is commendable, but deliveries of these services are irrationally designed and ill managed. PTCL management should think about the image they are creating in the mind of new customers and must not forget, these were those customers who were reluctant to get PTCL connection because of DEMAND NOTE dilemmas.

With “Feel the difference” tag line, lame excuses like “DP has no pair available in your area to provide you connection” are unbearable statements that you would have listen from PTCL Customer service representatives.

PTCL has to feel and realize the difference and dynamics of current market and should change its vision according to current standard of service delivery and service recovery.