Rawalpindi Traffic Police goes Digital

The City Traffic Police have introduced a new ‘Touch Screen System’ for conducting test for driving licence, said Chief Traffic Officer (CTO) Dr. Muhammad Akhtar Abbas. He stated this while addressing a ceremony held here on Monday to inaugurate the new system.

Additional Inspector General of Police, Traffic Punjab, Zahid Mehmood, Regional Police Officer (RPO) Rawalpindi, Additional Inspector General of Police Muhammad Aslam Tareen inaugurated the new system. City Police Officer (CPO) Rawalpindi, Senior Traffic Officer (STO) Syed Ishtiaq Hussain Shah and other officers were also present on the occasion.

The CTO told the participants that the IT department of the CTP prepared the automatic sign testing system. He said that 400 questions have been fed in the touch screen system and the candidates have to reply at least seven questions out of 10, which would appear on the screen, to qualify for the driving licence.

He said that special software of ‘voice option’ has also been fed in the system for illiterate candidates. He said that the licences have been upgraded with a security bar code, adding that the security features could be checked through UV light.

Source: The News

    • I think they should have a traffic update system so that people are aware of what to expect on the route they r taking… live update

  • Good system, mashAllah.

    One of the things CTO needs to do is to do some sort of training for taxi drivers, and a must refresher every 6 months.

    IMHO, If Isb/Pindi police can control Trucks, public transport and taxi drivers, i believe 80% of the traffic problems will be sorted out.

  • thats gr8 to bring technologies like that in our country…it will help the people to serious…otherwise pakistani are driving like animals

  • Animals do drive… Have not you seen on Inner city of Lahore? there are many animals driving here.. as well in Karachi..

  • honorable.chief officer (cto)DR.muhammad akhtar abbas.
    i,m sending you a little request i hope you will be action very soon .
    i,m relating a noble family from jhelum and has good character and honest person.
    my name is muhammad ubaidullah.from jhelum
    my honorable.i had gone to the trafic police station situated at civil line jhelum.for my licience motor cycle.but police man,s adopt me lier behaviour and says me mr.authrosied person madam is not available here.i went to back .then i came next day but police man says me madam is not available.i was gone back .i came at police station 5-6 again and again but not receiveing my paper for licienceing .my honorable so what you could help me .really i will be so great full to you ….self written .muhammad ubaidullah .phone nomber.03435721175

  • With all due respect though traffic police is doing a thankless work on Pakistan’s road but still traffic on our roads is a total mess. In fact people from different categories drive daily on roads, they do understand not to hit any one while driving but to me driving on road demands little more than that. 1. People shall have respect for law from within themselves as traffic police can’t be every where.
    2. People shall have patience to at least respect the traffic signals and zebra crossings. Nation which cannot stop on white line before the Zebra crossing shows reflects maturity of their ethical grooming.
    3. People must respect by giving way to a car giving an indicator.
    4. People must at all cost drive in straight lane, how flow of a traffic can be ensured if we have 5 lanes in a three lane traffic.
    5. Above all our Licence issuing authority must set a criteria of training TRAFFIC SENSE which is totally not seen on roads these days.
    6. Road blocks, traffic check posts etc shall not become a traffic blockade areas where people face confusion and agony of long traffic jams. Value of time shall be regarded by all concerned.
    7. Illiterate drivers must be dealt with strict action by imposing heavy fines, only then we shall have smooth flow of traffic on roads.

    May Allah bless Pakistan and grant us vision to value our home land Pakistan in its true sense and spirits. Ameen.

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