Zong Offers Monthly, Fortnightly and Weekly SMS Packages

By Chand

Zong is now offering Monthly, Fortnightly and Weekly SMS Packages for Rs. 80, Rs. 50 and Rs. 10 plus taxes respectively.

Earlier, Zong was offering Daily SMS packages, which customers had to re-new on daily basis. Now they can enjoy SMS facility for longer duration without re-subscribing each day. Keep reading for details

Monthly SMS Bundle

  • Price: Rs. 80 plus tax
  • How to Subscribe: Send Sub to 700 and reply with 4
  • Daily Limit: 500 SMS
  • Duration: 30 Days

Fortnightly SMS Bundle

  • Price: Rs. 50 plus tax
  • How to Subscribe: Send Sub to 700 and reply with 3
  • Daily Limit: 500 SMS
  • Duration: 15 Days

Weekly SMS Package

  • Price: Rs. 10 plus tax
  • How to Subscribe: Send Sub to 700 and reply with 2
  • Limit: 1000 SMS a week (No Daily Limit)
  • Duration: 7 Days

Daily SMS Package

  • Price: Rs. 3.99 plus tax
  • How to Subscribe: Send Sub to 700 and reply with 1
  • Limit: 500 SMS plus 100 MMS
  • Duration: 24 hours

  • very nice offer …..
    Question about weekly package: Can one re-subscribe once the quota is fully used before the expiry date. I mean If I have used my 1000 SMS within 3 days, then can I re-subscribe or I have to wait for a week :-)

    What will happend If I subscribe same package twice …. e.g. if I subs weekly pack twice (on same day) then am I going to get 2000 SMS for a week?

  • another questions: what is going to happen to daily SMS package? Those who already have daily SMS package, should they de-activate their daily pack and re-subs for one of these new packages?

  • Ufone is also offering Fortnightly SMS bucket. and its activation charges are only 25 rupees plus tax, cheaper then Zong….

    • actually my frnd ufone’s rates are cheaper and more reliable as well , i remember sending an text in the morning and my frnd recieving it in the night while using zong lol

  • It only mentions MMS with daily package.

    Are MMS not included in these new sms package plans ?

  • hmmm at last…. zong introduce a good sms bucket package…. they should introduce it earlier as ufone giving great sms bucket packages.

  • Atlast zong rocks! The best network in terms of voice, text and gprs. Fantastic Packages. Live long Zong

      • best network ?? in terms of voice text gprs . LOL sorry but couldnt help laughing

        zong has by far the worst network (signals never full)
        worst voice quality ( try listening to a call on zong )
        text is sent hours later
        gprs has the worst speed

        i used the word worst in comparison to ALL the other carriers … zong is the worst in quality but in rates it does rock :D

        as for quality it would be like

        3-ufone & telenor

        p.s i still love zong :)

        • Dear Ahsan … All of the above is your opinion, not fact… check QoS conducted by PTA and you will know ALL the networks stand at same quality level. Signal bars are not measure of network quality – even one or two bars are good enuff. Plus, zong users dont try, they DO listen to calls on Zong and it is completely alright – nothing worng with it. And text messages are sent immediately. Infact, during peak hours and special occasions such as new years eve, messages are delivered on time. GPRS is good enuff to surf, obviously you cannot download a movie with GPRS. And yes, zong has best rates.

          p.s.: i like zong too. :)

          • sir it is fact check out the survey it clearly proves zong has the worst network in COMPARISON to the other carriers :)

            btw sir i use zong lol atleast in multan its network sucks not rates :P lol

  • Oh good. . .
    Let the war begin.
    Going at the pace of tortul (kachwa). Helping it more its GPRS package.
    I think now zong will be able to attract more attention.

    • Zong is not the best network.
      I think so that Warid is superior to Zong.
      In other Word,
      Zong Logon Ko Choona Laga Raha Hai.

      • true. cheap is cheap. mobilink, telenor, ufone, warid, zong are all cheap. And all lack quality – all of them have poor signals, even in urban metro city like karachi, they have their ups and downs and they all have poor customer service. so in short, All suck!

  • Its out standing pkgs but zong should have to add MMS with these pkgs bcoz now i can say yaar ab MMS karney ki aadat c ho gaee hai ;)

  • Zong have launched its sms pack but is too late….I have broken my sim in 2 pieces becoz whn I went to their custemer center “why they are not porting my num to other network” as I have already spend 18 months time on their network, they simly said, Company policy is changed, now you will need to stay on our network for 36 months not 18.From that day I hated Zong network…and I am also filing case againt them due to mis act of them…so I request u all…..go to any other network except Zong

  • Ad says.
    zong say it all. Zong is best service for sms internet and voice call package. I am satisfie zong network and also u phone

  • Yar koi esa SMS package batow jo sab sa acha ho main SMS krna chata hun Plzz informe me on my Cell 03145859494

  • ZONG is a ____ Network!!!

    simply bcoz it has Lowest Users but Still it does not Offer:

    -No Good Sound Quality in Calls
    -No SMS Delivery Report
    -Cant even check your own balance or any service after 30 days of Recharge

    [Comment Edited]

    • ZoNG has the cheapest rates in very good quality if u compare others. I am saving more than 75% money when using zong as compared to mobilink jazz. My internet usage bill has been reduced from 1200 per month to only 240 rupees per month n internet browsing speed is faster than mobilink here in karachi.

      I am talking on phone calls daily more than 3 hours n mostly one lahore zong number n my experience is excellent. Very good sound quality during calls.

      SMS delivery report service in zong is 10 rupees plus tax per month service. To activate, visit zong website.
      Recharge ur account balance more than 500 rupees n get expiry date of 6 months.

      Register urself on ebill zong service n know ur remaining balance n calls details n activated packages n all about ur zong account for FREE.Even u can block ur snached zong sim by login ur zong ebill account.

    • one of the worst service in pakistan.
      kindly bane this service in the best interset of the people.
      even i find it hard to contact helpline.

  • Telenor main *111# k zariay baqi manda SMS maloom ki ja sakti hain.Zong main baqi manda SMS dekhne ka tariqa kia hain.plz help me

  • Salam, zong SMS pkg me pta lgaya ja skta hy k remaining SMS kitny hen ? jesy ufone me 606 pr msg karen to wo bta dety hen k aap k pas kitny msgs hen abi !!!!!!!
    Plz agr koi aisa number hy to btaen

    • Go to write message option on ur mobile and write “P” and sent it to 102. Amount of 50 paisa plus tax will be deducted from ur balance and U will get this message from ZoNG:

      “Dear Customer, please reply with 1 for free mins, 2 for SMS bundle, 3 for GPRS, 4 for SMS”.

      If u have SMS weekly bundle activated, reply with 2 and u will get message like this:

      “Dear Customer, you have 999 SMS left valid until 00:00:00 23-09-2010 on SMS bundle. Thank you.”

  • Salam Friendz !!!!! kya koi bata sakta hai k jab mera weekly pkg expire ho jaey ga to kya mujhe dobara subscribe karwaya parey ga ya automatic ho jaey ga….????????

  • salam 2 all, i also hv all above same probz by using zong. ma balance vanish n never come:) they cheat n use deduct ma balance widout use ov mine.
    wotz diz…!! huhh…!! n 1 thng more whenever i call 2 call center i hv 2 w8 s0 much.

  • if i will subscribe song KHI7 package… will i get any sms package in this ?? is KHI 7 package of calling providing any sms package???? including???

  • my zong weekly sms package always expires after 2 days even if i hadnt sent 100 sms , what shud i do??? plzzzzz any one advice me………..plzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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  • Zong is now going good only monthly package and fortnight sms packages are so castly.

    Reham kro zardari pehly mukai pay.:-

  • Zong is now going good only monthly package and fortnight sms packages are so castly.

    Reham kro zardari pehly mukai pay.:- 03217355767 to share gd poetry

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