Blackberry Services Go Offline in Pakistan

Respecting PTA’s directives for blocking Facebook in Pakistan, all cellular companies have put a halt on Blackberry services till further notice.

Earlier today, Lahore High Court had asked the government to make sure that Facebook is blocked for all internet users of Pakistan. In accordance to which PTA issued a directive to ISPs for banning Facebook and all of its subdomains in the country.

However, the said website was accessible on Blackberry handsets as these services are routed through RIM servers. To avoid this, all cellular companies put an immediate cap on all Blackberry services till further notice.

Cellular companies’ spokespersons have confirmed us for the same.

All cellular companies have informed their customers through SMS about the development.

Telenor website reads following note:

As per the directive of Pakistan Telecommunication Authority, all telecom operators have been asked to temporarily discontinue Blackberry services. These services will be restarted based on further PTA directive. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Update: Blackberry Services are back, with Facebook banned on EDGE/GPRS.

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Tech and telecom reporter for over 15 years

  • Appreciated!
    good work

    i wish if all the muslim countries go unite this time, countries like saudi arabia and iran specially

  • For the first time i am proud of pakistani goverment Best this they have every done .. JEETAY RAHOO BADSHAHOO

  • why its Pakistan only? Come on u intoxicated Arabs get up from ur sleep and think wisely. How long can we Pakistanis be wall to save islam? U r intoxicated in ur money and oil. Get up u lazy bastards.

  • Im Feeling Like Awsome Today……..Love Yu PAKISTAN……Proud To Be A Muslim Pakistani And Pashtun

  • I have left facebook 2days ago, and will not use till………………

  • Cellular operators should raise the issue with RIM to this block site on their server.

    Blocking Blackberry service is not the right move.

    @ Fahad, It is the duty of government. Let’s not take them political advantage of all this.

    • Ideally AA you are correct. I work for one of the main BlackBerry service providers in the country. And am their BlackBerry specialist.

      The problem is this. RIM takes their time to change what is included in the service book (Pushed settings). If the BlackBerry services were not taken down the Facebook the whole facebook hoo haa would be over by the time it could be blocked by RIM.

      Therefore as a quick measure the action the move was the correct one. If you say block them on GPRS/EDGE then that is impossible as although the data runs on GPRS/EDGE it is encrypted with 128bit AES security which neither the Operator, ISI, PTA or anyone can deciper.

      Anyway BlackBerry Services are back in a limited capacity. Emails are now working, The internat browser, and applications using the web are not.

  • @stranger.
    Nice comments
    We always Pakistan

    Pakistan Zindabad

    • Google owns facebook and youtube as per my understanding. Someone please correct me if I am wrong.

  • Good Alhumdolilah, @Abdullah u have such a nice name and ur using such a bad language against your own muslim borthers, i dont think thats write and just for your info many arab countries have already banned facebook before us, and Iran has banned all international news and social forums.(BBC News)
    We need to Unite together and stay as one not to go against each other coz thats wat the jews and athiests want :)

  • I would like to add that Pakistani cellular companies requested RIM to block only facebook on their servers specifically for Pakistan but even after intense negotiations, they planely refused…After that they left with no choice then to block complete BB services…
    It amazes me sometime, how these western companies have absolutely no respect for our laws, it was a court order, and if they want to run the business in Pakistan, they should abide by it….
    I can live without facebook, without blackberry or even without internet… But I cannot live with even the slightest humiliation and disgrace of my beloved Prophet Muhammad (May Pease and blessings be upon Him)

  • yar if you people know plz tell me is pay iran and saudi arab ka kia reation tha? m anxious to know that

  • they have blocked facebook , youtube

    but some other torrent sites are also not opening , like iptorrents , is any body facing the same problem in opening ???

  • sadly,it does seem like the services and facebook will be up and running again.
    But however so, taking the initiative was a bold move.
    If only others could walk in Pakistan’s footsteps and this way a MAJOR point could be proven as to how challenging & disrespecting one’s beliefs can lead to serious consequences!

  • excellent move.. fb should be permanently blocked to conserve power! it would save, what, around may be a hundred megawatt of power everyday? ddo we not need that badly. plus, pak’s youth’s mental healths will be waaaayyyy uplifted. kudos PTA!

  • Blackberry restriction has been removed and now people can use blackberry. Furhtermore, if a person has downloaded the facebook application then he can also use that. Please help in getting it restricted.

  • I think its commendable that FB is blocked, but why do you have to deactivate my entire blackberry services. The nature of my job requires me to use google maps and internet services. Like many others like me, we’ve been rendered useless. I guess it teaches us to not rely on technology so heavily. What is the point of paying Rs. 1000 Blackberry line rent when the service is dead? I am sure the telecom company must be laughing at charging all the customers for giving no service! Why can’t they just block Facebook page and not the entire website. PTA is being stupid because there are loads of websites and blogs out there that are anti-Islamic which go unheeded but thinks its all right to block all web browsing on blackberry? FB application is not accessible on BB and I am all right with that, but why block web browsing. LAME!

    • please read my reply to a similar post from AA above. its not the carriers fault. their hands are tied and the staff of the carriers are equally hooked on the BB services as you are my friend. I reconfiguired my viigo to give me all the latest news from pakistan. It doesnt work without BB services. beleive me the carriers are not laughing about this. they have spent tooo much time and money marketing the BB to be laughing about the services going down. do you know the BB has been in Pakistan longer than most people think. The ISI blocked its marketing for a long time. The sales teams had to go and market this product without any marketing help for two years. trust me a lot of blood, sweat and tears have gone into making the BB a success in Pakistan. No one I repeat no one is laughing about the lack of BB servies.

      But we all still stand behind the decision. no one should be allowed to question our beliefs.

  • I do not support the ban, our govt has no right to take our freedom, i do support the boycott, but not the ban. fuck PTA, im still using FB.

  • hey
    i`m totally with Jamal… “our govt has no right to take our freedom”

    if our govt is Muslim then block Facebook on internet also..
    PTA is Failed…
    Why We Are Paying monthly 1000+400 tax Line rent…??

    i just want to say please block whole service … on cell like…FB,utube,Inculded Messengers..

    Muhammad Ahmed

    • When you “block” something,people try harder to find ways to access it.Instead you should spend your time spreading awareness(best place to start is at home/friends) about WHY people should refrain from something.And dont just say that its bad,make them understand why its bad.

      Blocking is just ridicules and lame.

  • right now, only facebook and twitter applications are blocked on blackberry sets in pakistan. however we can access facebook and twitter from blackberry browser.

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